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Sunday, 08 May 2011

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Want to impress on the golf course? Fed up of those sideward glances because your ball has landed in someone’s cocktail and you’ve just given your mate’s caddie another black eye? Well never fear, we’ve been grilling instructors for tips to help you shine brighter than a polished 9-iron, and we’ve come up with a winning selection of professional pointers from our golfing experts.


Whether you’re looking to perfect your swing, master the backspin or just make the damn ball goes in a straight line, here’s some useful tips to make sure that next time you’re centre of attention, it’s not because you’ve clubbed someone with your backswing.

Tip 1: Hit on the Downswing

Trying to make that ball soar through the sky is often tricky, and many players try to achieve a graceful ascent by batting the ball up into the air. This very rarely ends with any kind of grace, and you can guarantee your ball won’t be landing anywhere near your target. What you should actually be doing is hitting down on the ball, trying to trap the ball between the club and the ground. This technique will chip the ball into the air for a swallow-like soar, rather than the flailing duck-effect.

Tip 2: Release the Swing

As you’re bringing the club down towards the ball, you need to let it literally ‘swing’. There’s no point restricting it: you won’t get as much power from the hit and it’ll leave you in an awkward, crunched up position. You need to remember to relax your hands rather than your arms, and aim for a relaxed, fluid movement.  If you’re doing it right, you’ll find your club is pointing in the air after the shot, rather than pointing towards the ground. This is because the club has been able to swing right through past the ball without being restricted. But you should also remember to release the swing early - if you release it too late it won’t have the full effect, and you’re ball could veer off in a not-too-impressive direction. So let your shot breathe and the energy will follow through to the ball.


Tip 3: Use Your Body

All golfers know the alignment of the body is important: if you want a good down-the-line shot, you’ve got to be parallel to the ball and your target. But if you’re going for a draw, you can use the position of your body to achieve the maximum effect. For example, if you’re a right-handed player hoping to hit a draw from right to left, you should try to move your body as far to the right as you can - without standing too close to the ball, obviously. This position will make it easier for you to channel the ball travel in the right direction.

Tip 4: Point Your Feet to the Left

That’s if you’re a right-hander, for left-handers you’ll want to point your feet slightly to right. You only need to achieve a slight angle for this to be effective - if you turn your feet too far it won’t work and you’ll end up looking pretty silly too, which isn’t what we’re after. If you look down at your feet and rotate on your heels, lifting the toes slightly and repositioning them subtly to the left, it’ll give you a stronger platform on which to transfer your weight and help you follow your full swing through.

Tip 5: Up Your Iron

If you’re looking for more control in your iron shots, and you often find yourself falling short of the green, a useful tip is to choose the next iron up. So if you were planning on using an 8-iron, put it back in the holder and get yourself a seven. It’ll help you achieve a fuller swing and you’re more likely to get that ball to the middle of the green.

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