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Sunday, 08 May 2011

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Tip 6: Find Your Swing

It’s always useful to take a few practice shots to find out where the bottom of your swing is. That way, you can place the ball where you can be sure you’ll be able to hit. This makes it easier to create solid contact, and will hopefully avoid those embarrassing missed swings. You can also try putting the ball slightly behind the bottom of your swing, where you’re more likely to create a powerful and controlled strike.


Tip 7: Put a Spin On It

If you want your ball to stop quicker when it hits the ground, you can try putting a spin on it. The steeper you bring the club down on the ball, the more of an angle you’ll be creating between it and the club. So hold you club high, bring it down more sharply, and you’ll get a better backspin on your ball. The looser your hands are the easier this will be, because it allows the club a greater amount of movement in the bottom half. This in turn allows you to swing beneath the ball on the descending blow, and spin your way to success.

Tip 8: Pick the Right Ball

The material of the ball will make a massive difference to the shot you’re trying to perfect. If you’re trying to create a back-spin using the method in the previous tip, you’re much better-off using a ball with a soft cover. This will stick to the club for longer and help create that spin. But if you’re wanting a straight, clean shot that will travel far, it’s a Stirling ball or a two-piece that you’re after!

Tip 9: Sort Out Your Posture

If you’re standing in the right position, you’re angles and your balance are immediately easier to perfect. To get into the perfect golfing position, stand opposite the ball with your club held out in front of you, shaft parallel to ground. Your arms should be fully extended at waist height, and the weight should be on the balls of your feet.  Then, using your waist as a pivot, bend forwards and your lower the club to the ground. You should feel the stretch through your calves and the back of your legs rather than your back. Once in position, don’t forget to flex those knees for ultimate mobility.


Tip 10: Don’t Twist

This is a mistake that loads of people make, and it’s so simple to correct. When you move into your backswing, take a look at where your hands are. They should be parallel to the ground and in line with ball, not twisted round behind your body. If you’re twisting, you’re opening the clubface to the ball and it will be impossible for you to play consistently. Remember to stay perpendicular to the ball, and you’ll get a much better swing and more accurate aim.

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