Valentines Gifts for Cigar Lovers
Written by James Payne

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

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Vintage Cigar Boxes and Art


There is something romantic about art. Mix that together with the warmth of a cigar box, and some sort of magic happens. Cigar Box art hit its heyday between the 1890s on up to the mid 1950s, and there are plenty of boxes to be found. You can find them in tobacco shops sometimes or antique shops, but your best bet will be through online retailers. A caveat however: just be sure to do your research, as you can easily be taken for a ride.


As with any collectible, you’ll want to study the box (or picture if online) and note the quality not only of the art and the paint, but the condition of the box as well. I would say to stay away from any newer boxes made of paper or cardboard; something about wooden boxes, even for non-smokers, is nostalgic.


Also pay attention to the type of art; you will be surprised at the variety. From erotic to comical, to even eerie, keep in mind your partners tastes. And lastly, why not go ahead and put some cigars in the box for your sweetheart? It won’t add too much to the cost, and it’s a nice touch.


Heavenly Heaven Cigars


I may get some flack for suggesting this, and again, keep your loved ones tastes in mind, but a staple in Valentine’s Day giftology is Champagne and Chocolate-covered Strawberries. Why not give a little twist to this classic by taking advantage of the Heavenly Cigar Companies line of flavored cigars.


In particular, I might suggest the Strawberry Banana Bliss (which comes in both the 5 x 30 Petite and the 5.5 by 46 Corona) and the Chocolate Thunder, which also comes in the Petite and Corona sizes. Both come in bundles of 5 or boxes of 25.


This may seem a little hokey, but it could be an adventurous romp for your lover, and adventure is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Heavenly does have a Cupid Cherry flavor as well, but for my dollar, that pushes the line of corniness.


As an odd on, you might want to pick up a nice bottle of Champagne, but don’t skimp on price. A poorly made Champagne can ruin a cigar when paired together.


Your Price:  $4.00-$6.00 per cigar, plus the price of Champagne if you decide to go that route.




That concludes this guide. In addition to the items listed herein, a nice cutter, a cigar diary, cigars cases, or a night out on the town at a nice cigar-friendly restaurant/cigar-bar all make excellent gifts for your honey. In the end, it isn’t the price you pay, but the thought you put into the gift, and you can never, ever go wrong by showing your partner how much your care by supporting their favorite hobby.


And besides, you might get lucky and they’ll share that gift with you!



0 # James Payne 2009-02-09 14:43
Hello Everyone. In this article I list some of the things I think would make good Valentine's Day gifts. Some are expensive (the Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition for instance), and some are for the budget conscious. If you have any gift ideas to add to the list, click the old comment button and let us know. And why not print out a copy of this article and leave it lying around for your sweetheart to find? You can thank me later...

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