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Monday, 26 January 2009

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So you are probaly thinking what is this guy talking about. Well it all starts with Sam Leccia (maker and owner of Nub). You see when Sam first started working for Oliva he wanted to everything there is to know about cigars. One of the ways he learned about the flavors of different tobacco was to take wrappers off one cigar and put on another and then smoke. Most will agree the main flavor of a cigar comes from the wrapper.

After meeting Sam and talking to him about this, then him showing me how to as he did it I started playing with it some. You really can taste the difference in the wrappers and how they change a cigar. I haven't done one in a while just do to time, but here is a how to that I posted on CL back in August.

What you need.

1. Two cigars about the same size.

2. Spray bottle with distilled water.

3. Pectin (found at grocery store, near canning items).

4. Something sharp.

First thing you do is get the pectin ready. You just take a small amount of the powder and mix with some distilled water.

Take one of the cigars and spray it down from head to foot. You will prob need to spray the head sevral times because of the cap and the way the leaf is wrapped around under the cap.

Carefully start taking the cap off. There really is no special way to do it, just be careful. Once you have it off put to the side, you will reuse it.

Now you can start to work on the wrapper. I have noticed that most have a small piece of tobacco that is part of the wrapper that is wrapped almost like a cap and twisted on top of the cigar. This can be very hard to get off without tearing. The spray bottle is your friend here and don't be afraid to use it. Once you have this part off make sure the rest of the wrapper is still damp (not soaking wet) and slowly unwrap it from the cigar. Side aside.

Repeat these steps for the other cigar. Make sure you know which wrapper goes on which cigar, I know that sounds funny but with the wrappers off you may not be able to tell which cigar is which. And yes I put a wrapper back on the same cigar it came off of LOL.

So now take one wrapper, make sure it is damp (you may need to spray it down again). Lay the wrapper down flat, you may need to stretch the leaf but be sure not to tear it. Start at the foot of the cigar and the point of the leaf (I put a little pectin on the point of the leaf) and start rolling the cigar around the leaf. Be sure as you roll it that you try to keep it as smooth as you can. When you get to the head try to repeat what you undid at the begining LOL. The main thing is to try to have the wrapper as tight to the top of the head as you can. I also use a little pectin here too (when you use the pectin you may need to add some water from the spray bottle just so its not to thick). Ok all you need to do now is put on the cap. Once again make sure the cap is moist, add pectin to the whole bottom of the cap and place on the head of the cigar. Make sure the cap is laying flate then you are done.

I put mine back in the humi for at least 24 hours but that is not a must.

Good luck and get to work!

Later this week I will post a review of one of the cigars I switched.

Thanks for reading



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