Me & a couple of my buddies just recently took a trip down to our state capital the other day to hit up a couple of the cigar shops, & to check out the AA minor league team there, the Montgomery Biscuts. They have a gorgeous ballpark BTW... It's built into the old train station in the historic downtown. Couple of cool bars & restaurants within close walking distance too.

We pulled up to Havana Dreamin' in downtown Montgomery after the drive & were defintely intrigued by what we saw... It's a stand alone house that's been converted to look like something from the Carribean, complete with storm shutters, back deck, palm trees & all. It was modeled to look like an Cuban home. It definitely sticks out in it's surroundings for sure.

This place has a cool story to it. The owners are regular cigar guys that are passionate about this hobby, just like most of us here. Rick, Chuck, & Dave started Havana Dreamin' after the shop they hung out at went belly up... So what do they do??? They just start their own! We went inside, & there were a few guys sitting there enjoying themselves & were greeted by Chuck. We went in to the humidor, grabbed some sticks, & stepped out into our Cuban paradise! Before you know it, were having stimulating conversation, & chatting cigars with Rick, Chuck, & Dave. These are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. They made us feel like we were at home... If it were in Cuba.

Getting close to game time & Chuck asks us if we play Dominoes... Come to find out... Tuesday nights are Dominoes nights @ the shop, & they have quite an impressive turnout. Then he insists that we play Dominoes. How can we say no??? We split up into 2 teams, played a game of Cuban Dominoes, smoked the rest of our sticks, Chuck & I are victorious over my two buddies, & we head out to the ballpark with smiles on our faces.

If your ever in Montgomery, you have to hit up Havana Dreamin'... The selection & prices were great, & the BOTL there were even better! They'll treat you like one of their own, & give you a good dose of southern hospitality.

Here's a few pics I snapped...

Here's some of the back deck...

Havana Dreamin' Cigar Shop, Montgomery, Alabama

Thanks again guys! Can't wait to come back down!