Thursday night in Prattville-
Ashton Challenge Your Palate
This will be an intimate taste test for 10 to 25 customers. Tickets to participate are $25.00 and available at Prattville Cigar Co or Zelda Cigar. Ashton has put together a portrait of tastes. Ashton is the only company in the cigar business that provides customers a truly varied taste and flavor selection, in 3 distinct strength or “body” profiles. Whether you choose to smoke the “mild to medium body”, “medium body”, or rich full body”, each cigar will be smooth, well-balanced and never harsh. This will probably be the first time you have smoked 3 cigars all at the same time! We want you to get the true experience of taste and style of the “body” type you have chosen to sample. By smoking all 3 at the same time, you will be able to taste the distinct as well as subtle differences in each cigar. Come, relax, light up your cigars, enjoy the experience and have fun. Gus will provide the 3 packs and a tasting guide brochure, bottles of water and almonds. Use the water and almonds to keep your palette up for the challenge! Each ticket holder gets 3 cigars to light up at the same time and taste the particular flavors of each cigar at the same time, plus their own Ashton Ashtray to use and keep as a momento. Ticket holders can choose from 3 different profiles... Mild to Medium Body:Ashton Classic Magnum, Ashton Cabinet #6, La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial #5...Medium Body: Ashton Maduro #10, La Aroma de Cuba Belicosa, San Cristobal del Sol Robusto... Rich Full Body: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Robusto, Ashton VSG Robusto, San Cristobal Robusto... Discounts and swag to ticket holders includes…1 box---20% discount + 1 Ashton or Nicaraguan 3-pack of cigars….2 boxes---20% discount + 2 Ashton or Nicaraguan 3-pack of cigars + Savoy Executive Case…..3 boxes---20% discount + 3 Ashton or Nicaraguan 3-pack of cigars + Savoy Executive Case + Ashton Matte Desk top Humidor + 72% Boveda Humidipak. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?