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Summer is right about possible eye strain but...I love the nook color for reading magazines and surfing on the internet and puff and seeing everything in color.
To me, that is a tablet computer with e-reader software, not a true e-reader. If you want that, get an iPad, or something similar.

Guess it just depends on what you use it for, I wanted my e-reader to just be an e-reader (granted, I bought it before the color came out, but I still would have made the same choice). Kevin's mom has the nook color and loves it as well.

Whichever fits your needs, I think both have their fans. The nook has a great OS, and I think all the bugs have been fixed, so pure brand wise, I prefer it over the kindle, mostly because the kindle is so proprietary (like apple) where you can only get books from amazon, and not public sources like the library.