A few weeks back I ordered a book for one of my college classes from Alibris. When the book arrived it was the 8th edition instead of the 10th edition. I contacted Alibris and told them I received the wrong edition. They then instructed me to fill out a form and send the book back. All was fine until I read the very last part of the email. I have to pay for return shipping but they give me a $3 off coupon as way of compensation.

Wth? I can understand if it was buyers remorse but this was their error. The outside of the box that I received the book in even stated 10th edition. On top of that the book has the edition written in about 40 font on the front. It is very hard to misread the edition. But somehow I get stuck paying the return postage? That is poor customer service in my book and the $3 coupon added insult to injury.

Maybe I am being irrational but I feel that a company should take responsibility for their mistakes and try to fix the issue. They also informed me they could not replace the book with the right one and could only refund my credit card. I am out $4 and some change and have no book. That is not a great deal of money but it kind of hacks me off I paid $4 for a giant headache.

Sorry for the rant and thank you for listening. Maybe it was just a random bad experience and doesn't represent the company as a whole.