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Into Comic Books?

This is a discussion on Into Comic Books? within the Books forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; So what kind of comics do you read? Any DC/Marvel ongoing titles? Indie publisher comics? Weigh in, and feel free ...

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    Puffer Leviathan cpmcdill's Avatar


    Question Into Comic Books?

    So what kind of comics do you read? Any DC/Marvel ongoing titles? Indie publisher comics?

    Weigh in, and feel free to discuss current stories in your favorite titles.

    I for one am a fan of DC, and have been reading about half of the New 52 releases, especially Bat family, Justice League, and Dark titles. Although the "reboot" of the DC universe was controversial, I've been quite pleased with it.
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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    When I was a teen and younger I used to be big into Amazing Spiderman and old 70s Fantastic Four and a few XMen. Not so much anymore, but still have boxes of comics in the closet I'll pull one out every now and then and read.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Horsefeathers's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    I've got a huge pull list, and look forward to every Wednesday. I pull Marvel, DC, and Indie titles. Growing up I was mostly a Marvel guy, so they'll usually beat out a DC book just based on a nostalgia factor if I have to choose between the two.

    I was really excited for the New 52 relaunch, but I feel like it's lost some of the goodwill they'd built up with me. Although, not trying to be too much of a DC downer. I'm still a fan, and still grabbing Aquaman, Wonder Woman (Best/most consistent DC book by a mile imo), Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Animal Man, Green Lantern, and New Guardians, but I'll be dropping the two Green Lantern books if they keep spinning their wheels. I am excited for a Shazam solo series to happen at some point. The Shazam backups in Justice league were really entertaining.

    The one thing DC does that really chaps my ass is how they make most of their artists adhere to the DC "house style" artwork. Makes their books all wind up looking the same. The best art going at DC is/was Chiang on Wonder Woman, Capullo on Batman, and Foreman on Animal Man and none of was forced into the "house style". As a visual medium, visual diversity is a good thing and I don't feel like DC encourages this enough.

    On the Marvel side I pull all of the X titles regardless of quality (I know, I'm that jerk ) just because I love that portion of the Marvel Universe. Avengers and New Avengers have been fantastic since Hickman took over those books, and he’s easily the writer whose able to write the best large scale narratives. Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Thor have been some of the best comics published by the big 2 since the current runs have started.

    As far as Indie stuff goes… My favorite book, flat-out-period, is Chew. It’s a really fun, well written, self-contained narrative. For me it checks all the boxes, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Also, currently on my pull list is East of West, The Wake, Kings Watch, American Vampire (although this is on Hiatus), and Scarlett.

    I could talk comics all day!

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    Twerking ain't for Smurfs Packerjh's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    The Walking Dead

    I'm looking for a used copy o the second compendium....anyone want to trade theirs away?
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    Joe beercritic's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    Used to read the underground comix. Sold my collection on eBay years ago.
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    Full grown Puffer Fish Joe Bonzo's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    Back in the day I was big into the Ninja Turtle comics. Also liked Sonic the Hedgehog (don't know why), X-men, Calvin and Hobbes (I know a strip but I just bought all the books so they'll always be comic books to me). In college I read and enjoyed 30 Days of Night and the Dark Tower adaptation. Most recently read The Dark Knight Returns. Amazing.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish Wook42's Avatar


    Re: Into Comic Books?

    Man my LCS loves me, i swear there are some months taht i probably pay at least half their lease. I read it all, DC, Marvel, Image and other indies. Been collecting now for over 20 years.

    Right now my favorite ongoings (non cape and tights) are Ghosted and Nailbiter from Image (if you like horror/supernatural bokos these 2 are fantastic). As for the capes and tights set, been loving the Snyder/Capullo run on Batman, seriously this has been on of the most consistently great books perid for the last 3 years. The new Flash has been great too (but i may be biased as hes been one of my favorite DC characters forever and i absolutely love Brett Booths artwork) Marvel has been on fire with the Avengers titles and Cosmic/Guardians books of late (movie was great too but LOVE the D n A stuff from a few years back) And as always Spidey has been great, loved the whole superior storyline and how that led into the new spiderverse arc going now.

    i could probably keep going and going and going on this and love discussing comics all teh tiem haha (just ask my girlfriend, she has the patience of a saint putting up with it)


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