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Antique pewter

This is a discussion on Antique pewter within the Cigar Accessory Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; While I was wandering around the city looking for something to get for mother's day, I came upon this shop ...

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    Young Fish


    Antique pewter

    While I was wandering around the city looking for something to get for mother's day, I came upon this shop selling antiques and new but vintage looking products. They had all sorts of stuff like luggage, some furniture and leather goods. One thing that caught my eye was this metallic box, the lady at the store couldn't tell me much about this particular item, (although she was very knowledgeable about most of the other stuff), she did say it was for cigars. I wrote down the little markings I read on it and did a search when I got home. Turns out it is indeed a cigar box, pewter, made by James Dixon and Sons. I never heard of them but I'm in the process of looking it up online.

    Anyway, as far as storage goes can anyone tell me how a metallic, pewter box holds up? I've never had a proper box for my cigars but then again, I've never had enough of them at the same time to fit one. I usually just keep them in my camera dry box or in a glad wrap and let one out a few days before I intend to smoke it. I'll probably get the box based on the aesthetics of it, if I can find out more online and verify its authenticity. I probably won't use it for cigars, but I'd still like to find out if it would be any good for that purpose.

    I forgot I couldn't post links, here are some pics. The first two are of what the box looks like, the third is the condition it's in.

    Antique pewter-104946.jpg

    Antique pewter-104945.jpg

    Antique pewter-il_570xn.259142199.jpg

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    Maturing Puffer Fish bundy81881's Avatar


    Re: Antique pewter

    Seems like a nice box. If it's held up this long it should be good for many more years.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Antique pewter

    How big is it?

    Won't work for long term storage but it would be fine to take out on the boat for a day as a transportation/protection device.

    The pictures make it seem fairly small, maybe more suited for smaller cigarillos or cigarettes that don't need to have the RH watched as closely.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish edwardsdigital's Avatar


    Re: Antique pewter

    Shiny herf-a-dor!! Neat little box. I wonder if it was wood lined at one time. I have an antique silver plate box that was lined with a wood insert. It seems like it was a normal practice to have a tight fitting wood insert in the old metallic containers (silver / pewter / plated). Any estimate of the size? it does seem small with nothing to compare it to in the pictures.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Antique pewter

    It's around 5x6''. The first one is what I remember seeing at the store. It turns out from some further searches that the first box is actually a sandwich box and the second one is the cigar box. I guess for my uses of temporarily storing two or three cigars and some mini's, it would be fine.

    I'm still looking into it though. The box costs around 900hkd or around 115usd which does seem relatively cheap for HK, then again I am no expert on antiques or pewter prices. I'm basing that assumption on cheapness based on a recent trip to Malaysia where they sell lots of pewter items, I saw boxes and frames half the size cost just as much, although they were new and had elaborate designs. I do know that back in the day the purity of pewter was quite questionable with some manufacturers mixing it withe lead and nickel so I have to be sure about that aspect as well.


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