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Tupperdor question

This is a discussion on Tupperdor question within the Cigar Accessory Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; I built a tupperdor about two months ago and am at the point where the humidity has stabilized at 68%. ...

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    Tupperdor question

    I built a tupperdor about two months ago and am at the point where the humidity has stabilized at 68%. Other than opening it to remove a cigar to smoke or to restock it, is there any reason that I would need to recirculate fresh air into the tupperdor?
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    Re: Tupperdor question

    no. If you're using Bovedas then I would say you can leave it alone for 3 months at a time without checking the packs.

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    Young Puffer Fish Fat Cobra's Avatar


    Re: Tupperdor question

    I only open mine once every couple weeks to restock my small decktop humi

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    Re: Tupperdor question

    Notta. Store Em, Smoke Em, Love Em.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish


    Re: Tupperdor question

    Nah u should be fine. Just make sure your hygro is calibrated and You should be fine.

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    Re: Tupperdor question

    I have an observation by personal experience this month that is relevant to this thread-
    I have an airtight glass jar (rubber seal/gasket) that I use for about 15 "pretty" sticks to display. It's humidified with a Boveda and monitored 24/7 with an Accurite. I essentially never open it except to grab a rare stick. 2 weeks ago I smelled ammonia in the jar when opened it. I ended up narrowing down the culprit to 2 sticks, one that was worse than the other. If I had a leaky humidor or one with porous wood, I am thinking I might not have smelled ammonia because it would have dissipated and not built up. My caution is to monitor odors once in a while to make sure one stick does not affect all the others and just let an air exchange occur. Instead of the saying "take time in life to stop and smell the flowers", "take time in life to stop and smell your cigars" and you'll be fine.
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