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New Humidor Dance Today!

This is a discussion on New Humidor Dance Today! within the Cigar Accessory Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; So, I received my Savoy Bubinga Large humidor today in the mail. Aside from the actual mail lady being a ...

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    Young Fish


    New Humidor Dance Today!

    So, I received my Savoy Bubinga Large humidor today in the mail. Aside from the actual mail lady being a total snob (she didn't even ring the doorbell. I would have known because my dog barks like a goof), the humidor is gorgeous! I am glad I went with this one over trying to save my onyx glasstop that I got from CI. I have already started the seasoning process using the HnT method. Seal is magnificent on all sides. Lock and key is nice too. However, the hygrometer came with a cracked brass ring (if you see one in pictures, the outer brass ring). No big deal and not worth my time fighting with the seller over as I won't use it. Might take apart the old humidifier and convert it to beads. We shall see. Might even have to buy another HF tube for the tray, as my Large one is going in the bottom and I don't know if it will be enough to react quickly to opening/closing. On a side note, somehow one of the silica packets in the humidor (the ones used to suck up moister), popped and spilled beads all over the bottom of the humi. Had to vacuum those out due to the lip on the inner wall that holds the tray up,

    I know these are pricey, but I got a good deal on one from Amazon. $110 + free shipping from a reputable seller. And it came brand new in perfect condition. No dents, scratches, etc. If anyone is looking for a new humidor, I highly recommend the Savoy line.

    First check of the humidor will be when I get home later tonight, ~10 hours or so.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Rook83's Avatar


    Re: New Humidor Dance Today!

    Nice! I like the lock and key style...if you convert that humidifier to hold beads, plus your existing HF beads tube, you should be set...let us know how it goes...and HerfNTurf's seasoning method is THE way to go...congrats man...
    Keep on puffin' in the real world!

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    Young Fish


    Re: New Humidor Dance Today!

    So, when I checked the humi tonight after I got home (~9 since the start of the process) yielded me a 50% RH reading on my hygro. I knew for a fact that this humi was dry when I got it, since it came with two packets of silica humidity catching beads and the fact that it felt really, really dry. Next check will be before I leave for work at about 730 - 800. Ive got it setup like this: a small bowl with just distilled water in it on the bottom of the humi (it won't be moved, so I feel comfortable doing this) and a damp sponge on top of a plastic baggie on the tray. Maximize the evaporation area for quickest and most thorough seasoning. HnT knows what he is talking about.


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