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New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

This is a discussion on New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!! within the Cigar Accessory Questions forums, part of the Cigar Accessory Discussion category; I hope Herf N Turf has a sense of humor. There have been quite a few posts from new smokers ...

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    Resident Snob Nathan King's Avatar


    Talking New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I hope Herf N Turf has a sense of humor. There have been quite a few posts from new smokers asking questions about the humidor's less elegant and expensive counterpart - the tupperdor. This simple plastic device may actually be a more elegant solution to cigar humidification than it first appears because of the lack of maintenance required and constant humidity attained in the face of extreme ambient humidity levels. There are many ways to set up a tupperdor, but this is the easiest.

    I use a tupperware container manufactured by Lock & Lock, but in reality almost any well sealing food grade container will work. I prefer BPA free containers. BPA (bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA or into your body when you handle products made with the chemical.

    1. The first step in making your tupperdor is to wash the container, rinse well, and dry.

    2. Measure the inside dimensions of the bottom of the container and subtract two milimeters from the length and width.

    3. Find a Spanish cedar separator from a used cigar box and cut it to the dimensions noted in step 2. A razor and ruler works best here as scissors will crush and split the cedar. If you have not purchased a box of cigars yet your local cigar shop will likely provide a few separators at no cost.

    4. Place the divider in the bottom of your container.

    The Spanish cedar divider serves several purposes. Most obviously, it provides a pleasantly fresh aroma to your stock. The divider also has anti-fungal properties that keep mold at bay, which is important in a tupperdor as it provides little air flow. If that wasn't enough, the cedar also retains moisture and speeds the humidity stabilization after opening the container to get a cigar. Note that the tupperdor does not require seasoning since the cedar is very thin and the container is sealed.

    Humidification. The tupperdor does not work well with a traditional sponge based humidifier. Humidity beads or Boveda packs work best. Boveda packs are completely foolproof and what I recommend. They cost a meager $4 and will last over one year in a sealed container. When they turn hard replace.

    5. Stack your cigars inside, remove the Boveda pack from the plastic wrap, and place in the tupperdor.

    Please note that while the pack will hold the precise humidity level shown it may take a month or more for moist cigars to dry, so don't freak if your humidity is several percentage points higher for a while. Be patient, it will stabilize at the number on the pack.

    Also note that since the tupperdor seals almost perfectly it should be opened every month to allow for air exchange.
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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I bump your rg! I just have to believe Herf N Turf even on a bad day, will see your effort with this post as a good, though not funny thing.
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    Leading Puffer Fish jimbo1's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    STICKY!!!! Exellent job Nathan, that's how I set mine up, sometimes I use beads or K/L, but boveda packs are idiot proof......RG bump for that.
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    "Witchdoctor" gasdocok's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I just bought 4 new boveda packs myself for just this purpose. all the tupperdores are sitting pretty at 65% now.
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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I have those same Lock & Locks, they are by far my favorite tupperwares to use for cigars. Most have a slight leak but these are absolutely perfect.

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    Invading Grabber Robot dav0's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I use the exact same tupperware container to "regenerate" my boveda packs. Just put your hardening packs into the container with a small dish of soaked KL/Beads and after a week or so they begin to soften and plump. I read it here but and was skeptical but it does work! I don't know yet how long "regenerated" packs last (have only been doing it for a couple of weeks) but I was amazed.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish ten08's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I want to try this! What size is the container you're using in the photo? I'm looking at the Lock&Locks online, and they list sizes in cups. Also, roughly how many cigars fit?

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    Young Puffer Fish Napa Cab's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    Those thing work well and protect your cigars for travel.

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    mux is offline
    Young Puffer Fish mux's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    Awesome, thanks for this guide. I'll probably be needing to make a tupperdor in a few weeks and will definitely come back to this.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    Love my Tupperdore! I have velcroed my HF bead sticks and wally world hygrometer to the underside of lid, easy to view and makes stacking cigars easier. Very travel friendly too.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish birdiemc's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    gonna have to try this soon...like tomorrow. I have a shipment coming in this week and no more room.....awesome problem to have

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish ten08's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    I'm set up now, thanks to this handy guide. To answer my own question, I believe the container pictured is model# HPL825, listed at 9.6 cup capacity, and it can hold about 28 cigars (depending on RG of course). I also picked up the HPL825H, at 12.9 cups, which can hold about 35 cigars. The HPL825H is taller, but uses the same lid as the other one. I am using one of each. I like having these smaller containers for singles, being more easily accessible and portable than my cooler.

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    Young Fish JCouch_84's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    What are your thoughts on using something like a large mason jar or something similar in place of a plastic container?

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    The Karate Squid Aninjaforallseasons's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JCouch_84 View Post
    What are your thoughts on using something like a large mason jar or something similar in place of a plastic container?

    As long as it's not a porous material and is airtight, and clean... should be just fine!
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    Full grown Puffer Fish cavscout98's Avatar


    Re: New Tupperdor? STOP!!!!!

    Gonna end up doing a series of tupperdors for transporting my cigars back to the states. Thanks for this thread!

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