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Nubber Help

This is a discussion on Nubber Help within the Cigar Accessory Questions forums, part of the Cigar Accessory Discussion category; I got home after a two week business trip and found a package waiting for me from the postal moose. ...

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    Nubber Help

    I got home after a two week business trip and found a package waiting for me from the postal moose. It was an awesome custom made nubber and draw tool by @HWeibe I will post some pictures when I get a chance. My immediate problem is that I've never used a nubber before. I'm smoking a Kristoff Ligero Maduro that I'm really enjoying and want to keep smoking to the end.

    How do I use this nubber? When do I say it's time to use the tool? How far from the head do you insert the nubber? As this is completely new territory to me, any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Nubber Help

    Well, with no responses I just went for it and it turned out moderately successful. The one thing I learned is that if you pierce the nubber all the way through your cigar you will stab yourself when you take a puff. Quickly corrected that one, but not soon enough.

    And I miss-spelled Hekthor's user name. For awesome draw tools and nubbers I'm very happy with what @HWiebe made for me. Thanks Hekthor!

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    Re: Nubber Help

    Hi Forrest.

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. A nubber is basically a tiny pitch fork. Once the cigar gets too short to comfortably hold between your fingers, simply insert the nubber into the side of the cigar as close to the head of the cigar as possible. Do not poke the tool all the way through the cigar. Careful, it's sharp and you could hurt yourself.

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    Re: Nubber Help

    Thanks Hekthor. I love the look of the tools and the sturdiness, they are fantastic. I learned the hard way about not stabbing the nubber all the way through, a poke in the lip taught me that. It's a pretty simple tool, and is probably idiot proof to those who have used them before, but for us noobs theres a quick learning curve! I've used it a couple times since, and am getting the hang of it. I love that the flat bottom is sturdy enough to set the nub down on a table and it will stand on its own.

    I did have a chance to try the draw tool for the first time tonight. It worked well, unfortunately the cigar was so over humidified- it was a tubo I had had in my humidor for 5 months- that no amount of probing could get the draw going. I think I'll have to open the rest of my tubos and let them air as everything else in my collection is smoking flawlessly. The tool did work though and the teeth would remove little bits of tobbacco at each probe, I'm sure it will work if I have a construction issue as opposed to user error.

    Thanks again. Hope you don't mind me borrowing your photos to show these beauties off.

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    Re: Nubber Help

    Dam fine construction there! They look fantastic!
    "Sandpaper a lions ass in a phonebooth" ~Mr. Slick~

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    Re: Nubber Help

    And here I thought I was the only one burning my fingers. Cool info and pics. Thanks!


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