Manufacturer: Xikar
Cutter: Xi1
Style: Body Art Tribal
Cost: $47.99 - $59.00
Time in Use: 5-Months

I have never owned a quality two blade cigar cutter just some plastic & metal cheap single blade guilliotines. Puff taught me that single blades are great for shaving, but not for cutting a cigar. While I mostly use a punch to open my cigars, I have been migrating to smaller ring gauges where a good cutter is more appropriate.

Small compact/portable cutter
Retractable blades
Extremely cool graphics
Lifetime warranty
Sharp as S___ high quality stainless steel blades
Cuts up to a 58 RG

Takes a little getting used to in order to make an even cut*

* I find if you place the cutter on a flat surface and place the cigar in the cutter with the cap touching the flat surface you will get a perfectly straight cut every time.

The unit comes with a free pleather pouch via registration on the Xikar website, but I opted for the stingray skin pouch, at an additional cost of $20, to match my motorcycle seats. This is one of my favorite accessories I have acquired since being back in the hobby.