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Cigar band table (image heavy)

This is a discussion on Cigar band table (image heavy) within the Cigar Pictures forums, part of the The Gallery category; Very nice job Bro!!!...

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Very nice job Bro!!!

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    Full grown Puffer Fish xSentinelx's Avatar


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Nice work there Eric. That's what I wanna do with my bands. Looks great.

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    Young Puffer Fish Epoch's Avatar


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    +1 on wanting to do this as well. I have a table that I ruined the top of and have been planning on refinishing, now I want to do a band table.

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    That came out great. Nice job

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    that's a great idea I have been looking for something to do with all my opus and rare bee bands cheers botl

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    You did an amazing job here. You had a great vision and are obviously a talented craftsman. The table is top-notch. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and may you enjoy it for years to come. And -- on the outside chance you woud ever part with it -- I would appreciate being the first call.


    Quote Originally Posted by 8ball917 View Post
    Well, this all started off with me wanting to refinish the top of my bar in my basement. Not having much experience, I decided to start on an old table that was left by the previous homeowner. This table was quite ugly, and I originally put it in our garage sale for $5 and it remained unsold. I then moved it into the garage and it served as a convenient place to store cutters, misc. stuff, and a nice spot to place a drink. The top was pretty much destroyed by myself for placing sweating glasses on it, and the veneer cracked and split.

    Total time: about 4-5 hours
    Products used:
    Palm sander
    painters tape
    Matte Mod podge (Glue)
    about 100 cigar labels
    Pair of scissors
    Rust Oleum Painters touch Satin Dark Walnut spray paint
    Minwax clear gloss Polyurethane
    Wooster Pro Paintbrush
    Small cheap artist brush
    One new knob

    I never thought this would turn into anything nice, so unfortunately, I did not take any pictures until the top was already done. I also originally did not plan on painting the table, so I kinda worked backwards and painted after competing the top.

    To give you an idea on what the table looked like before:

    The ugly drawer with the taped on paper lifting:

    I started off sanding the top down smooth as best as I could. After that was done, I started applying the labels making a boarder around the top of the table. I used the artist brush to apply the mod podge glue to each label. Amazingly, I applied all of the labels straight through and it took about 3.5 hours. After that was completed, I used blue painters tape around the areas that did not have any labels. This was to prep for the polyurethane.

    Throughout the next week, I applied 10 coats of the minwax using a wooster pro brush. I originally wanted to have it where you could not feel the bands, but after 10 coats, that was not happening. I had seen other products that would accomplish this, but they are a bit pricy (remember, I'm hoping to do my bar top and now I have a ton of poly left over for that job.

    When I was finally satisfied with the top, I used the blue painters tape around the edge of the table and also used some newspaper so that I would not get any paint on the top. I spent one day out in the garage using the spray paint to finish off the table.

    After it finally dried it was time to unveil the final result:

    10 coats sure adds some shine:

    The top (had to turn off the flash to reduce the glare:

    As I side note, I would advise not to use thin paper labels. In the top picture, you can see how the Liga Privada band in the top right corner soaked in some of the poly and discolored the label.

    Some tools of the trade:

    Next up is the bar top which I will probably hold off until winter time. I'm thinking I may just do a boarder of sports cards as opposed to cigar labels. I never realized how much labels it would take just to do this table. I guess its a good excuse to replenish my supply of cigars. Hope you enjoyed.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    That is really cool...

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    Young Puffer Fish jmaloneaz's Avatar


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Been saving my bands since I started with a project like this in mind. You did a great job and thanks for sharing the info.

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Thanks for share excellent post and totally agree with you ejgarnut Good job on the table Eric

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    great job on the table

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Cool idea!

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    Re: Cigar band table (image heavy)

    Great job on the table.

    If you ever want a very thick gloss finish Home Depot sells a product called... Rust-Oleum Parks 1-qt. Gloss 'Super Glaze' Finish. $24.98

    It's an epoxy that goes on very thick and looks like clear glass when dried. "Just one pour of this crystal-clear epoxy is as thick as 60 coats of varnish. Perfect for bar tops, kitchen islands and more."

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