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Customs I Rolled

This is a discussion on Customs I Rolled within the Cigar Pictures forums, part of the The Gallery category; Looks like great work to me....

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    Disillusioned Freethinker AStateJB's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    Looks like great work to me.
    Hangin' out with Friends

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Steel Talon's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    Very nice...
    Take your time...Don't live to fast..Troubles will come and they will pass..

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    great looking sticks. So, have you tried the TNTCLIP KOK?
    It's a trap!

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    THE MAN WHO LOVES TWANG! TonyBrooklyn's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    Quote Originally Posted by tntclip View Post
    Attachment 72970[attach=config]72969
    Damn that's a big cigar!
    The bunch looks great!
    How does it smoke?
    What kind of tobacco you using?
    Is that a homemade mold looks like its made out of pine?
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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    I gotta hand it to you...Not many would have the fortitude to try their hand at this incredibly difficult undertaking. Those lanceros look really nice, being one of the hardest vitolas to roll successfully. I, like others, have a lot of questions and look forward to reading and seeing more....
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

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    Lost In The Smoke Longer ash's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    88x7 lol should have named it "say ahhh" looks like a lot of fun tho I did find a 140x6 online.......just wondering what the rg is of a subway sub?

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    Maturing Puffer Fish tntclip's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    Quote Originally Posted by meatcake View Post
    Hey Ken, any of those rolled with the molds I acquired for you? I read through your list of stuff you sent me and picked one out to smoke today at a local B&M I hit up pretty frequently. I will let you know what I think later today!
    yes,the gran coronas,thanks again brother. oh and the torp
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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    That looks really fun XD ill haft to do research see if i can get into it ^^

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    Young Puffer Fish cuban- crafted's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    That looks awesome great work

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    Hey, those are some fine looking rolls. That jaw-breaker could be considered a deadly weapon!

    I got into rolling quite recently. It has helped me to appreciate what skill actually goes into my favourite smokes.
    I actually find it is a relaxing hobby.

    Great thread, cheers for sharing.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    How cool man! You got some whoppers there.

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    F.O.G. with nice smokes OnePyroTec's Avatar


    Re: Customs I Rolled

    I'd love to see some pics on how the maduro wrappers turned out :-)

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