So, last night I emailed Colibri to see if they had any scratch and dent cutters that didn't make it through their QC dept that they might be willing to donate. I talked to a really nice lady from RI, hit it off since I'm a Red Sox fan and low and behold I've got two new cutters coming my way...Colibri Cut. She said she wouldn't even look in their "discard" pile, that she was going to send me two brand new ones out and even asked me to go to their website and pick out the colors I wanted and tell her. Major props to her. I know the Colibri gets so-so reviews on here, but since they were willing to donate them, I'll use them until they fall apart.

Also, I was looking at and noticed they had a link for "Gars for Gunners" on there. I instant chatted the guy wondering how I could get in on the deal and he said that I needed to email this guy. So, I did and within 5 minutes, the guy came back and told me that one of his customers had just purchased a box of Oliva Serie G Churchill Cameroons to the troops. He asked for my address and shipped it out yesterday. What they do is have a section of boxes that are priced reasonably just for troop donations.

Just thought I'd give props to two companies out there that do still support us guys.