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The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

This is a discussion on The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011 within the Cigars for the Troops forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; ...

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    Thumbs up The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    The Great Puff Troop Rally

    Hi Puffers,

    Here we are finally what we have all been waiting for, sorry for the wait but we needed to have all our prizes in place and all the stuff we need in order, the stuff you donít see but we have to do, itís more involved than just putting cigars in a box and sending it to the desert. We thank you in advance for what we know will be a very fun and successful Rally collecting all the things cigars, goodies and cash necessary to keep our Brave Soldiers supported like only Puff People know how to!!

    I am so proud of you all the support we have always had is phenomenal and frankly I Love Puff and each and every one of you!! This is a big portion of my life so I do not say that lightly or without really meaning it, you folks are Patriots and should be very proud of yourselves!

    The Rally is going to be bigger than ever before with more prizes than we have ever had so many some we are sending straight to the troops and not giving as prizes we have THAT many!

    Ron, Dave, Craig, Jacob and myself as well as all those who donated prizes or offered advice and support have it all ready to get started.

    So here are the details!

    The Rally starts Tuesday September 6th and ends Friday October 7th or later if we have not reached our goal or if the Cigars and Goodies and Cash continue to come in! So the ending date can possibly change!

    Here is how you may support the Rally in the form of Donations which can be in several forms listed below.

    1. Cigars and cigar related products sent to the two addresses.

    2. Cash sent in the form of Amazon Payments, Money orders or checks sent to the two addresses.

    3. Goodies sent via wish list on Amazon from wish lists or other places sent to the two addresses.

    4. Cigars purchased from any retailers and drop shipped to the two addresses.

    Thatís the only way we have to donate now, sorry but no paypoops this time they gave us so much trouble last time we just cannot use them this time. I appreciate your using other forms of donating and am sure you all remember how bad they treated us the last rally.

    Here is how we are breaking down the entries and how we are valuing the entries this is the hardest part as we are accepting several different items, Cigars, Goodies, Cash and Cigar Related Items.

    - 10 cigars is one entry.
    - 25 cigars are three entries.

    Please send decent cigars we do not expect Opus X but for the most part if you would smoke it send it. If we receive premiums we will evaluate as we get them and adjust the entries to make it fair so if you send 25 cigars but they are say 8 to 10 dollar cigars you will get double entries.

    So for each 10 cigars you will get a separate entry for each package of ten, there is no limit to how many entries you may have.

    For Goodies we are hoping you will use Amazon or another retailer that way we will have an easy way of calculating how many entries as it will be based on how much the packaged cost you.

    Cigars sent using a retailer is the same as the goodies we will have a way of valuing how many entries you get based on what you spent sending using the drop ship where you buy and ship to one of the two addresses.

    Cash is the same for every $65 sent you will receive 3 entries and we will round up for even numbers sent.

    The prizes are going to be separated by goals reached when we hit 1,000 cigars the first set of prizes and so on when we hit 2,000, 3,000, and hopefully 4,000 or more. We are hoping to receive enough to get us through Christmas and at least one month after; we always take January except for special need and continue in February so we need to have enough through February, which is when we would do our next rally!

    I have a lot of help with this one, of course...

    Ron (Shuckins) who will help in many ways.
    Craig, (WyldKnyght) is our bookkeeper and will keep track of prizes and amounts collected and will post an update 2/3 times a week.
    Dave, (owaindav) is my partner in sending to the troops and he will be posting photos of stuff as he gets them.
    Jacob, (COYOTE JLR) is my local helper he will be letting me use his address and will open all packages take photos and post totals as Dave or I would do.

    I want to thank Jacob for offering to help me in doing this as it is a lot of work. Charlie, Goldenmackid will be helping as he can and he will also have this on his site as well.
    There are others I am sure that are helping that I just canít name everyone. The prize donors will be listed with the photos.

    Here is where to send all donations so that we will keep a running total so if one of us is getting more than the other we will post asking for the stuff to be sent to the other until we even up.

    For Dave 1 (Smelvis) mail to Jacob for processing!
    Jacob Royer
    410 N. 3rd St.
    Montesano, WA
    Amazon Payments for cash smelvis@nym.hush.com
    Amazon Payments if full rockdanger1@gmail.com
    Amazon wish list for smelvis listed under dave bonnette http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/re...=199FPTKBYQ06N

    For Dave 2 (owaindav) mail to
    David Bowles
    358 Dogwood Dr.
    Mobile, AL 36609
    Amazon Payments owaindav@gmail.com
    Amazon Wish List http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/199FP...cm_wl_rlist_go

    I Also want to Thank Puff, Jon and the Mods for allowing us to be the best Troop supporting site anywhere on the web!!

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    A special need that both of us need a lot of is lighters, The edit is to late or it would be in there. here is a link. Thanks!

    Also needed, http://www.dealextreme.com/p/compact...t-lighter-4179

    PS if you order I think 10 or more make sure you enable bulk rate as it lowers the per lighter price to about $1.99 per lighter pretty cool
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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    level 1 prizes:
    Starbuck casa magna 4 pack

    bc8436 5 Cigars

    quo155 6 Cigars + Cutter

    quo155 6 Cigars + Cutter

    Aninjaforallseasons Oliva Ashtray

    bcannon87 Fiver

    Shuckins Tatuaje IV Nobles five pack

    Shuckins Tatuaje Noella five pack

    Shuckins Tatuaje Verocu #9 five pack

    Shuckins Tatuaje Regio five pack

    from Pete Johnson: 10 people will win a Tatuaje hat!
    there are 5 white ones

    and 5 black ones

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    level 2 prizes:

    Shuckins Nestor Miranda Ruky 5 Pack

    Shuckins Joya de Nicaragua Antano Sampler

    Shuckins Ashton VSG Sampler

    Shuckins Sultan Travel Humidor w/3 Churchills

    68 Lotus 6 Pack Cigars

    Coyote JLR sticks and two half pound bags of coffee beans from Sister's Coffee company in Oregon (can be split into 2 prizes)

    kapathy montecristo 75th anny gift set

    oldsmo54 polished chrome lighter

    Starbuck fuente sampler

    Starbuck rocky patel sampler with coffins

    Jonathan at Old Time Cigars Box of Cigars

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    level 3 prizes:
    Deep Swag Prize Pack

    ejgarnut sealed box of AF Don Carlos #4

    FWTX CAO Sopranos box set

    primetime76 Studio Tobac collector/sampler box

    thegoldenmackid 20 MUWAT - Special Blend

    Zilla Killers (primetime76) Bombing from Zilla Killers

    owaindave Pipe Cabinet

    Shuckins Sultan Signature New Release (Box 10)

    Shuckins Sultan Signature Original Release A Blend (Box 10)

    Shuckins Sultan Signature Original Release B Blend (Box 10)

    Oldmso54 2009 Holiday Sampler

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    more level 3 prizes:

    Smirak Signed Flag & Coffee Beans

    LavaDogs Captain Owens and Major Black Prize Packs. there will be up to seven different winners!

    from Pete Johnson: a full box of ambos mundos

    also from Pete Johnson: a full box of series P

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Awesome job everyone, thanks for setting this up!

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by smelvis View Post
    This is a letter I asked for for you guy's at Puff to understand what you are doing. This man and I email fairly often and it is my goal to meet him is person here in the states. I call Steve a friend!!

    Steve Thanks for this heartfelt letter my friend we Love every single one of you guy's and can always count on us!! in any way we can help we will.

    Being a deployed soldier is a lot harder than it looks. You don’t let on how hard or how lonely it is. That would be showing weakness, and you have to keep a strong constitution for your soldiers. You look for things to kill the boredom and keep morale up. For me, the highlight of each day was returning to my room and celebrating with a cigar. I loved sharing the experience of a fine cigar with my brothers-in-arms. It became an indelible part of the deployment experience. I was fortunate to have met fellow cigar-loving soldiers during my deployment and to have met cigar-loving civilians online. A friend introduced me to Dave (Smelvis) on the Puff , com board and the next thing I knew I was receiving boxes of cigars, snacks, toiletries and other goodies for me and my fellow soldiers. Words cannot describe the joy of hearing your name during mail call and then realizing you have several boxes of goodies to share with your army family.

    The worst time was the holidays. Everyone was secretly (or openly) miserable about missing Christmas with their friends and families. Leadership knows this is a hard time so they create some sort of mandatory celebration where the secret agenda is watching over the soldiers who should not be alone. I was secretly depressed from a mission two days earlier where I got to see the real poverty and despair of the people of Iraq. I felt twice as bad feeling guilty about not being home when I saw the people of Iraq who didn’t even have a home. I felt horrible. Then (cue the choir of angels) 3 packages arrived for me right before Christmas. These boxes were stuffed so full of cigars and accessories that every soldier who wanted some got a 5-pack of cigars. This made our holidays. Everywhere I went, I saw soldiers who might have been hiding in their rooms alone, outside and having their own mini-herfs with their donated cigars. The timing was perfect and it made a very difficult time so much easier. I also developed some deep friendships because of those cigars, and even though we have scattered back to our separate corners of the U.S., we remain good friends. Nothing brings friends together like a good cigar. On behalf of my brothers and sisters of the U.S. military, we thank you for your support. You don’t know how much it means to us.

    SSG Stephen Zdunczyk
    328th ESC

    Thought it was a good time to re post this from A man I feel who has become a friend to me! What we do is good for us as well.

    Here's to a great Rally!!

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Hi Guy's and Gal's
    I have already received a couple pm's asking if cigars sent before the rally will count. Please guy's that would create a big mess and would be pretty hard to do, it's about the troops. Only from now forward please hope that doesn't sound mean but we did post a few times saying I would wait for the Rally.

    Thank You for understanding!


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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Yea!!! Ready to get this party started!!!
    Join the NRA, ask me WHY! CCF on Facebook

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    There are more prizes surely to come... but...

    Boxes of the following are up for grabs. (I'm not sure what level these are, let's say level three...)

    Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro

    Quesada Oktoberfest (winner picks size, only 500 boxes of each size were made)

    ToraŮo Exodus 1959 50 Year Short Churchill

    Humo Jaguar (winner picks size)

    There's a "secret" level three prize. Absolutely incredible prize from a manufacturer.

    Working on one last prize I'm working on, should have confirmation soon, hopefully.

    Thanks to all that do this, but most importantly to those who serve.
    editor, halfwheel.com

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Oh. First one to put up a DC for fifty cigars gets one of these. (A single, not the bundle.)

    For those that don't know, that would be a new Fuente product, not coming out until next year.

    (You put the DC up, say you are donating 50 cigars. As soon as I get confirmation that your package made it to its destination, I'll send your package.)
    editor, halfwheel.com

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Awesome....will be sending out asap! Some sticks and some cash...it is for an outstanding cause! Get on it folks!
    It is easier to ask for forgivness than to ask for permission!

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    yep, what Kipp said....putting a package together today for sure....might be the first of a few! Lets gets those sticks in for the troops guys!!!! This Rally is going to prove why PUFFers are the best people around!
    "Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets"-----Ron Swanson

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    Re: The Great Puff Troop Rally!!!! 2011

    Alright!!! Cant wait to the a ton o' stick out. I was able to tackle some items from the Amazon Wish List. Order confirmation # 105-6109050-3834607.

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