Well boys and girls the day is finally here!
The first annual Pipe Troop Rally officially begins today! We need all things pipe related for the Service Members in combat zones and stationed overseas.

How it works
Send us donations of anything pipe related and earn prize entries. We need pipes (corn cobs are suggested but all pipes will be accepted), pipe tobacco of any and all variety, pipe cleaners, pipe tampers and tools, lighters and anything else pipe related that you can think of. Other goodies that troops use overseas such as toiletries, candy, magazines etc.

We also will be accepting cash donations to pay for shipping care packages to the troops. Please send cash donations via Amazon Payments to:
socalocmatt@gmail.com or bigsargepete@gmail.com
All cash donations go into the same account.

Send donations to:
Pete Deros
Troop Donations
PO Box 706
Ft Meade, MD 20755
Matt Post
Troop Donations
PO Box 79292
Corona, CA 92877

We will be accepting donation for the entire month of February. The prize drawing will take place the first week of March.

How the prize entries break out

Tinned Tobacco and Premium Bulk Tobaccos that are available at most online retailers throughout the year:
1 Tin or 2oz Bulk is one entry.
2 Tins or 4 oz is three entries

Hard To Find (HTF) and rare Tobaccos are worth double. These are tobaccos that are only available a few times a year or are limited editions etc.

Cash/Goods: $45 = 3 tickets

Value Line and OTC Tobaccos (7/11 or Drug Store type "Value and Super Value" tobacco products)
8 oz is one entry
16 oz is three entries

A word on the value of estate pipes and used pipes.
All pipes must be new or in fully restored ready to smoke condition. The value of a restored pipe will be assessed based on original purchase price + 50% for labor if the pipe was restored. Please include a invoice or receipt with all pipes so we can give you the proper number of prize entries based on the Cash/Goods bracket. If you don’t have an invoice we will take you on your word BUT be aware that this will all be posted in a public forum so “overvalued” pipes will most likely be called out by fellow members.

Now the best part….What you can win!

From Rich at 4Noggins.com we have a very classy pipe!

From Travis at PipesandCigars.com we have a sweet little pipe kit known as the Iron Horse Sampler!

Iron Horse Special - Pipe, Tobacco and More Set
This set contains the following
8oz of Hearth & Home Freight Train Pipe Tobacco
1 (One) Ceramic Tobacco Jar with Locomotive design
1 (One) Baraccini Pipe - Shapes will vary
1 (One) Czech Tool
1 (One) Cork Knocker
1 (One) Bundle of Pipe Cleaners
1 (One) PipesandCigars Pipe Cleaner Sleeve
1 (One) Box of Wooden Matches

From Joe at Golden Leaf Pipes and Tobacco we have a very cool nording freehand signature smooth!

We have a nice Pipe rack and five tins of tobacco from C & D and G.L. Pease. These were donated during the last cigar rally and no one claimed them. Lucky for you!

From an anonymous donor we have a beautiful Meerschaum pipe! This pipe looks amazing and will make an excellent addition to anyone's collection!

And last but certainly not least we have a very sexy custom crafted pipe from our very own artisan Hekthor Wiebe!