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K-cup question

This is a discussion on K-cup question within the Coffee Discussion forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; Tullys Kona and Caribou are my favorite blends. I get mine from Kohl's if I cant wait for shipping, otherwise ...

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    Righteously Bitchin' voiceoverguy's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    Tullys Kona and Caribou are my favorite blends. I get mine from Kohl's if I cant wait for shipping, otherwise i usually order from the keurig website.

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    Midlife crises Puffer mcgreggor57's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    Kohls with their discounts offer the best price
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    A Peaceful Noob nadroj's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    If you register your keurig machine on the keurig website they will send you a coupon code for buy 2 get 2 boxes of k-cups for free. You can use it to order any of the k-cups they sell and you also get free shipping on your entire order.

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: K-cup question

    Green Mountain Double Black Diamond gets my vote. Man I love that stuff. The Tully's "French Roast" K-cups are good too.

    Also Green Mountain Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend K-cups are damn good but IIRC they've been discontinued.

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    Codger In Training gahdzila's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    So here's what I've been drinking lately:

    Green Mountain Dark Magic - This is my roll out of the bed coffee. First cup of the day practically every day.
    Green Mountain Double Black Diamond - I make this at work. The travel mug I have at work is perfect for two medium sized K cup brews, and Double Black Diamond is stout enough to make two medium sized cups out of one K cup to yield a big ole mug of decent medium bodied coffee to mindlessly sip on while I get my day started at work.
    Timothy's Rainforest Espresso - I make a large sized mug with this K cup, and it makes a nice thick dark roast coffee...less heavy than espresso, but still a nice dark brew. It has a hint of sweetness that I really enjoy.

    And that's about it. I always order a couple of 5 packs when I order, just to give me a little more variety, but those are the ones I'm buying by the box. When the Kona crop gets straightened out and they are more easily available, I'll be stocking some Tully's Kona Blend as well.

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    Young Fish Mrs.LostDog13's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    Really been enjoying the Green Mountain Wildberry lately. John has been insane over the Chai Latte.
    We order from Keurig .com

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: K-cup question

    Quote Originally Posted by David_ESM View Post
    Amazon also has decent prices and free shipping on most orders over $25.
    this is what I would do, specifically the crazy cups samplers. Tons of variety and you don't have to commit to a bunch of one kind. And I know a couple have a few different flavors of the dough nut shop coffee

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish smokin3000gt's Avatar


    Re: K-cup question

    I like Folgers "Lively Columbian" the best so far. Didn't care for any of Newman's coffee. Tasted like dirt to me.

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    Re: K-cup question

    If you do a subscription through Amazon the shipping is free!
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    Re: K-cup question

    Just got a cuisinart coffee maker powered by keurig. Im looking forward to it!!!!

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