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Coffee Noob

This is a discussion on Coffee Noob within the Coffee Discussion forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; Hey guys I want to start getting into drinking coffee, and i was wondering if anyone could point me in ...

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    Maturing Puffer Fish showcattle's Avatar


    Coffee Noob

    Hey guys I want to start getting into drinking coffee, and i was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction of how to start. Im a 20 year old college student. I've drank some of my dads when we would go camping or hunting, but he drinks really strong black coffee and it always made my stomach feel uneasy after awhile. I've always gotten overwhelmed in places like starbucks because there are so many different choices I'm not sure where to start.

    Thanks, Matt

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    Wildman Dual-500's Avatar


    Re: Coffee Noob

    Go to a coffee shop, (Starbiucks is fine) at a time when they aren't real busy, and just ask the Barrista - they whould be able to fix you up. You may even want to try the blended expresso drinks - such as a Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, etc.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Puro_Angler's Avatar


    Re: Coffee Noob

    Matt, I know the feeling of that camp fire coffee or Cowboy coffee is what we usually call it; dark, gritty, and just plain mean. Don't drink that or any other coffee on an empty stomach and you can avoid the uneasy feeling. When I was in college, I had a mr. coffee drip machine and a 2-cup stove top moka pot. Thats about all you need for now. Go to HEB, experiment with their fresh roasted beans and use their grinder. If you like creamers, buy whatever you like or just use milk. That should hold you up until you finish school.
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    Re: Coffee Noob

    HEB has some great coffee. I also enjoy Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast. Dark and strong. It's great with breakfast and after dinner.

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    Young Puffer Fish someonestruth's Avatar


    Re: Coffee Noob

    I'm actually a barista at Starbucks, I didn't drink any coffee before I started working there and now I drink all kinds. When I first started I found that I liked medium roasted coffees, Dark roasted coffees were too much for me. I also still can't drink coffee on an empty stomach so I think that's pretty common. A big thing with coffee is pairing it with food, it really brings out notes that you might not notice before. My favorite coffee that starbucks offers is the Kenya blend. Paired with citrus-y things its great, starbucks has the iced lemon pound cake which is pretty good. Ask them to do a Kenya french press or pour over for you and get a slice of iced lemon pound cake. Try the coffee by itself, black then take a bite of the pastry and give the coffee another sip and think about the differences.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Fuego's Avatar


    Re: Coffee Noob

    Starbucks guy...could you school me on the "clover" ... is it worth me spending $5 on to try it?


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