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Pour Over expertise?

This is a discussion on Pour Over expertise? within the Coffee Discussion forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; Does anyone have any experience with pour over style of brewing? Chemex or HarioV60? I am just wondering what the ...

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    Newbie in the ocean Tyrel-cl's Avatar


    Pour Over expertise?

    Does anyone have any experience with pour over style of brewing? Chemex or HarioV60?

    I am just wondering what the take is on that style. How is the consistency with extraction, etc.

    Much appreciated!

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    Young Fish btaets's Avatar


    Re: Pour Over expertise?

    I personally own a Hario V60 equipment. The take on the style compared to your typical drip method:

    Drip - the water only "drips" on the top center of the coffee witch does not allow all the coffee grounds to be immersed in water. It drips in the center and slides right on through the center.

    Pour Over - you take your kettle of water (kettle with a gooseneck spout for control) and slowly pour the water while creating a nickel to quarter sized circle in the center of your grinds for about 10 seconds. Let the coffee flower to release gases, then return to pouring the rest of your water in the previous way. This way of pouring allows all the grinds to be immersed by the water because it create a sort of washing machine stirring effect.

    Depending on how anal you are (pre-measuring your coffee and water in grams) you can create about the same perfect cup of coffee each time. The extraction is a bit thicker then your normal drip and way thicker then the watered down Keurig junk, but the taste (with a good roast) is amazing! Pour Over Methods bring out more notes/flavors to the coffee than you'd get with more common methods.

    That's my lesson for today. Hope this answers your questions. Anymore questions feel free to ask and I'll try and be shorter.

    Sorry it was long. I have a good friend who introduced me to this method after he came back to Michigan from working at Intelligentsia in Cali. He opened his own roasting company and got me hooked on tasting what true coffee should taste like. Now it's hard for me to drink Foldgers and those normal market brands because the quality is not that good.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes ggcadc's Avatar


    Re: Pour Over expertise?

    For non-espresso coffee, my v-60s are one of my favorite brewers. they are great with a good grinder, good beans, and reasonable technique. Proper measurements as pointed out by Brandon is key, a scale helps eliminate variations in that. If youre using store bought generic coffee nothing can save it, but if you home roast, or buy quality product, then you need to choose a method of brewing that really makes the coffee stand up.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Pour Over expertise?

    ah, couldn't get stimulation right with pour-over. the plastic brewer got it better but couldn't use that cuz of leeching and the health hazards.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Pour Over expertise?

    can you even up the stimulation on brews? or it always plateaus and you could never get a crash with that? am i missing something on brews here? brew was foreign until i had to try it cuz instants were failing.


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