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imcompetent instant?

This is a discussion on imcompetent instant? within the Coffee Discussion forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; No self respecting coffee connoisseur would even let the words "Instant Coffee" pass through their lips! I dont do folgers, ...

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    Re: imcompetent instant?

    No self respecting coffee connoisseur would even let the words "Instant Coffee" pass through their lips! I dont do folgers, maxwell house or any of the commercial coffee brands. I buy specific beans, store them out of the sunlight in airtight containers and grind just before brewing.

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    Re: imcompetent instant?

    When I went to Ireland, the only choices out and about were instant or stale espresso. A BnB in Wexford had a french press for me, but when I needed a fix elsewhere, I was going the instant route.

    That being said, the problem with going on vacation is that you're not home in you controlled microcosm. I drank the instant and bitched about it, but that's one of my favorite pastimes. Wonderful country with wonderful people. Just don't go for the coffee and the rest makes up for it.

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    Re: imcompetent instant?

    I never drink instant, but I do keep stock of a sort-of instant in my house, because I was intrigued by the method for making it. Java Cubes are instant coffee which combine the dehydrated coffee with panella (a form of sugar) into dissolvable cubes. I was intrigued because they specifically go out of their way to point out that they are the only ones who make instant coffee using a freeze-drying process, rather than the spray-drying process used by large corporations. Spray drying required a host of chemical stabilizers and such to be added to the coffee, whereas their method is slower and more expensive, but allows them to just brew coffee and dry it. I backed them on kickstarter and have drunken it a few times.

    My thoughts? It's the hands-down best instant coffee I've ever tasted. It's also better than garbage like brewed coffee from Starbucks. It is not however better than my home ground and brewed. But I don't mind keeping a few boxes of it around the house for one reason or another. They have flavored coffees and even just came out with a hot cocoa version. Apologies if this double posts, my browser is suddenly hiccoughing.

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