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K Cup "Issue"

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    K Cup "Issue"

    I have 5 or so different types of things for coffee brewing. I always had looked at Kueregs and similar K Cup machines. I never saw the reason to buy a $150+ machine to make coffee. Then I saw the Bunn My Café MCU that uses all types of ways to make coffee (pods, Pads or ground coffee). It goes for around $150 & I always had my eye on it as it would be a great way to save me some time in the morning when grabbing my commute brew. It went down to $83 at work on clearance. I watched it and it went down to $56 and with my employee discount, I got it for about $50!!

    I have used it about 6 or 8 times with some Community Coffee Dark Roast coffee and it makes a quick, pretty good cup. I made a cup when I got home from work today and noticed a good amount of grounds in the cup; floating and around the inside rim. So I pitched the cup and made another with pretty much the same result.

    Why would it do this??

    If I am not mistaken, the cups have a "filter" inside of them so I don't understand why this would happen. Any ideas, thoughts, or solutions???

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    Re: K Cup "Issue"

    Well, it did it only two times and the third cup had no problem. I was using the same cups out of the same box, so maybe it was just a fluke. It didn't bother me I just had to remember not to drink the last few sips in the cup because of the grounds that settled there.

    Anybody else have this happen to them?

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    Scotch & Cigars


    Re: K Cup "Issue"

    I only had this problem come up a couple times when I used the adapter with my Keurig Vue that allows the use of regular K-Cups, it happened twice and never again, so a bit odd and not much help to your situation either

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    Re: K Cup "Issue"

    I am thinking it is from the cups and not too much the brewer.

    I watched mine and it happens at the last few seconds when its "blasting" out the last bit of water/coffee into the cup. I think the extra pressure is too much on the cup or "filter" inside it.

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    Dumb Fish 04EDGE40's Avatar


    Re: K Cup "Issue"

    Most of the time you'll see this result with only certain brands. It all depends on the packaging of the cup.

    If the K-cup is supposed to brew a bold cup but isn't really a strong coffee, the company will put a larger filter and add a little more coffee to each K-cup. The result is that the bottom of the paper filter is a little too close to the needle that punctures the cup, and when it gets wet and is put under pressure, eventually it "sinks" enough that the needle will puncture the filter as well.

    The result: grounds in your cup. This is a well-known problem with Gevalia in particular, but there are many brands that have the same issue.

    The only way to know for sure whether this is happening to yours or not is to do some dissecting! If it happens again, pull the foil off and rinse the cup completely out. Then check to see if there are any tears in the filter.
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