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Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

This is a discussion on Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review within the Commercial Roast Reviews forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; Ok RRA Yirga Cheffe non-roasters. You've been gifted a grade one coffee roasted by Unclebeanz. You open the bag. Not ...

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    Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    Ok RRA Yirga Cheffe non-roasters. You've been gifted a grade one coffee roasted by Unclebeanz. You open the bag. Not even a pin prick of surface oil. The aromas catch your nose and.......
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    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    Im drinking mine now
    God is good

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    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    Thanks to novasurf for the sample of Misty Valley beans. Here's my review.
    When I recieved the package we were stepping out the door so I brought it along. As we drove I opened the package and the smell of the coffee permiated throughout the car. It was an over whelming smell of freshness and strong coffee. The beans were very dark in color and dry looking with no oilyness. It looked so good i ate a few of the beans right there. It had a great taste of boldness. I could easily eat these by themselves. We got home and my car still smells (in a good way) of this coffee.

    The next day I made a pot and my wife and myself sat down and discussed this coffee. At first I expected it to be a Strong, bold taste as it smelled out of the bag but to my surprise it was lighter tasting. I tasted alot of chocolate and smoothness. My wife felt it tasted like Dark Chocolate (I agree) and had a nutty profile. There was a taste which I could not place and it has me puzzled. We agreed it hit a lot of different tastes on your toungue with sweet on the front and a small bittnerness on the back. I really enjoyed the that there was no after taste.

    We both agree this is an Awesome coffee and will buy more in the future.

    thanks Uncle Beans
    "Sweet Sugary Goodness"

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    Masshole stearns's Avatar


    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    the is the first time i've reviewed a coffee, so bear with me

    got it in, and couldnt help but rip that bag open. i opted to have it ground, and boy did it look great. i was greeted with a beautiful dark brown, and an aroma that was equally as pleasing.

    i made it, and it looked like it would be a very bold coffee, but i was happily surprised when it wasn't as strong as i thought. the flavors were subtle, but there were many there, and they all went together perfectly. i wish i could explain this more clear, because it tasted great, but im not too great at picking out specific flavors. all i put in was a little bit of milk, and it was perfect. i'm just really glad that he gave enough for another day

    i highly suggest for anyone who loves high quality coffee, and i will certainly buy from again next time i need me some good java


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    The One and Only GOT ssutton219's Avatar


    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    1st off I want to thank you for this chance! I am not a coffee drinker but my wife lives on it.

    Got it in and it sat on the kitchen table and when my Wife got home she called me and asked where I got the coffee. She had me make her a cup when I got home and she LOVED it. She said it had a nutty undertone with good body. She drinks her coffee with cream and sugar but added only a lil bit compared to the amount she usually adds. The next morning I made her another cup using her French Press and again she loved the aroma and the Flavor. I even had a bit and it was a really good flavor (again I do not enjoy Coffee) We normally pick up freash roasted beans locally and she is lucky enough that I get a few coffee bombs with my cigars to keep her going. She has been to your site and she plans on ordering. THANK YOU again for the chance to try this coffee!!

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    Full grown Puffer Fish tallypig's Avatar


    Thumbs up Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    Wow-once again thank you to Unclebeanz for his generosity and his wonderful coffee.

    My experiences started at the mailbox-literally. While the package itself was sealed very well, when I opened the mailbox and smelled the actual box the coffee came in, I was given a great treat and an indicator of things to come. It got toasty in that box and the deep, rich aroma was hard to resist.

    The next morning I made a pot at work and my co-workers shared in the enjoyment. I heard many comment from "mellow" to "strong finish." My cup was enjoyed with a wheat bagel with honey on it. The flavors that I could notice were a type of chocolate and I know this sounds weird, but almost like a clean earth kind of smell/taste. Not that I eat dirt, but it felt very much of the earth. It made my bagel taste more hearty. The honey on nit along with the chocolate in the coffee was out of this world.

    I have made about three more small pots this week and I have enough for one more tomorrow-my last one I do recommend using distilled water as it seems to help the flavor out-at least for me. Now mind you, this coffee needed no boost, but the water seemed to enhance it. Also, the grind was excellent-very manageable and it brewed well. No grinds here!

    Once again, thank you for the great coffee and for being a good member of CS!

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    sanctuary burninator's Avatar


    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    I've been drinking on this for a couple of weeks now. I make myself a full mug before work on the weekdays, so a bag of this stuff lasts me a while.

    What struck me initially was the bold, dark aroma of the beans. My local shop roasts a delightful yirg, but the nose is much lighter than this one. I began to think that this was going to be considerably more full-bodied than I'm accustomed to. I was only partially correct.

    I ground this a little on the fine side of a medium grinder setting. My brewing method, for now, is necessarily a manual pour, but I enjoy the process immensely, and I feel like it gives me the most control over my brew.

    I brew in three steps, or pours. The first is just to saturate the grounds and incorporate them all into the basket. The Misty Valley grounds fluffed up considerably on the initial pour, but they were a delight to watch as the water flowed over and through. A thick foam formed on top of the grounds and dissipated, and I couldn't wait to take a sip of this coffee.

    I've brewed this with varying strengths, and I think I like this one a bit stronger than my typical yirga-brew. I'm always immediately struck with how smooth this coffee feels on the tongue. Seriously, it's like velvet. I've never even thought about noting this in any other coffee. On the forefront is an earthy, woody flavor that is quite nice. There is a bit of gourmet chocolate and some subtle hints of fruit -- berries, perhaps. The finish is dry, with light wood and chocolate.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee and the opportunity to do this review. I appreciate the sample and the experience, Norm.
    getting on with it

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    Roastmaster General novasurf's Avatar


    Re: Unclebeanz Misty Valley Review

    I'm really glad you folks liked this coffee. It isn't often that we get to try something off of the beaten path. It appears this experience may have awakened your coffee senses. If it did, it was clearly our intent.

    Thank you.
    Dream big. Love limitless. Live fully. Laugh often. Drink great coffee. UB on FaceBook here.

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