I have never reviewed coffee before, so this will be short and sweet

Cafe Orinoco was a coffee shop in my town but it recently closed. A related entity, which is still in existence, is the roasting facility, also in my town. I went over yesterday to pick up some fresh roasted espresso blend and some columbian beans also. I had to walk past all the roasters to get to the office (most of their business is mail order). Pretty cool stuff.

I made a few espressos this morning and wow they were way better than I am used to making (I am still quite the novice barista). Same grind setting and a lighter tamp and almost choked the machine so I let the pump run longer than normal, almost a whole minute. But no bitterness or sour taste. One of the cups was a little bland (let it go too long I suppose) but the others were spot on. The crema was a beautiful dark specked delight.

When I make a press pot with the columbian I will post review number 2.