I tried 3 of his roasts, and here is how they hit me. I generally like a strong cup of coffee, and take it with splash of cream. I tasted all of these black, and then with milk. Contact me if you want his details.

1. Kona Blend -- This was the mildest of the 3 I tried. It had a nice, very mild woody flavor. I recommend it if you like mild, mellow coffee.
2. French Roast Papua New Guinea -- This was the smoothest of the 3 when drunk black. No particular flavor jumped out at me, just nice pleasant straight-forward coffee with a medium body.
3. Brazilian Santos -- These were the darkest, oiliest looking beans. Drunk black the coffee struck me as a touch bitter, spicy, acidic and oily. A micro splash of milk smoothed it out perfectly. This was my favorite...nice full body.

Buzz Beanz -- He also makes those choco covered beans. And these were the best I have ever had. Not nearly as tough-shelled as others I have tried.