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Specialty Java

This is a discussion on Specialty Java within the Commercial Roast Reviews forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; I've been a coffee guzzler for many years. Mostly pre ground coffee or grocery store beans ground at the store ...

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    Specialty Java

    I've been a coffee guzzler for many years. Mostly pre ground coffee or grocery store beans ground at the store since I've never owned a grinder. The grocery store beans, and more expensive varieties of ground coffee never got me to make a switch from the Folgers type coffee. Didn't think they were worth the extra cost.

    I started reading some of the coffee forums I decided to buy my own grinder and try some fresh roasted coffee from an online vendor. I chose Specialty Java, found them on Coffee Review.

    They roast 5 days a week. Ship the same day. They are 30 miles from my location and I receive my order the next day. Shipping is not up charged (<$4 for me and I couldn't drive there for that). They run a special - a Black & Decker burr grinder for $26 and a free 14oz bag of one of there specialty blends; not a premium grinder, but seems to work well for me.

    My first order was for two of their house blends in addition to the grinder and the free coffee. Roasted the next day and shipped. Received an order confirmation, a followed by shipping confirmation the next day. The order arrived the day after. I opened the order and found one of the blends I ordered was absent and there was 2 bags of their NY NY the free blend. the first thing I did was brew some of the NY NY and found it to be far superior to anything I have tried in the past. It was a very rich medium dark roast. I decided the mistake was no big deal because I liked the blend. I sent them an email informing them of the mistake, thought they should know, but didn't ask for anything. I received a phone call about the email and the next day I received the coffee they shorted free of charge. Great customer service response and I ended up with 2 free bags of coffee. I have since reordered with out any problems and have received the same quick service as represented.

    To date I've tried four of there exclusive blends, Kenya, and Sumatra, and found all of them to be worth the cost. I can't compare them to other fresh roasters, but I have not been disappointed. Don't think I'll be going back to Folgers.

    Has anyone else tried this vendor?
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    Re: Specialty Java

    Never heard of them. But they sound like a really good outfit. Unclebeanz also ships some seriously good coffee. Good people, too.

    Watch out, my friend. Soon you'll be wanting to take the next step and try your hand at roasting some coffee. THEN you're hooked!
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