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"Guatemalan Blend" from costco

This is a discussion on "Guatemalan Blend" from costco within the Commercial Roast Reviews forums, part of the Coffee Forums category; the guatemalan blend from costco comes in a big three poud vaccum seal bag that is a matte metalic blue ...

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    "Guatemalan Blend" from costco

    the guatemalan blend from costco comes in a big three poud vaccum seal bag that is a matte metalic blue color. the coffee itself is whole bean and a dark to medium roast. the taste of the coffee is prety good in my opinion but lacks a creamyness that i like in my coffee but it is still very good just diferent. it was quite cheap but i cant recall the exact price. the caffinne buzz is one of the strongest ive ever had. so if your at costco and wanting to try somthing new as far as coffee goes give it a try and it will last you a good long while.

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    Re: "Guatemalan Blend" from costco

    There was a guy selling this at ours in Atlanta and it was pretty stout stuff. I liked the taste of it and wondered what it would be like in a French Roast as I like a little half/half and sugar in mine. Costco had a lot of Kona Coffee blend for the last 2 months and now...gone! I'm devestated almost because it was reallllyyyyy good coffee and at a price like $9 for a big mongo bag. I still have about 3 months worth of the beans in my freezer but I'm going to be sad if they don't bring it back...well, guess that is a good excuse to return to Maui and get some more coffee beans. I love making up excuses for my needs...like going to St. Thomas to get my liquor at 1/3 the price or going to Italy for some wine that is exclusive to that area only ,,can't buy it here.
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    Re: "Guatemalan Blend" from costco

    Hint at Costco. If the price sign has an asterick (SP?) on it, it's being closed out... At least here in Minnesota.

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    Re: "Guatemalan Blend" from costco

    I used to drink a lot of Costco Coffee and for the most part was very happy with it, I still buy it when I can for a friend who is on unemployment. Decent coffee in large quantities good for wallet.

    I drink far to little now to buy it for myself so I like to experiment with better smaller shop stuff,

    Like shit I still need to buy some form our own CanadianBeaver.

    Thanks for the heads up I'll get some for my bud if I can get over there.


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    Re: "Guatemalan Blend" from costco

    Costco has good stuff generally. I have had the Guatemala and the New Guinea coffees. Both very good. Also, they sell First Colony Breakfast Blend which is good. Cheap, too.
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    Re: "Guatemalan Blend" from costco


    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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