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Puff Code of Conduct

Golden Rules of PUFF.com community

By using this site you agree to abide by the forum rules listed below. For more information about advertising refer to section 6 below.

1. Everyone is Welcome!

Everyone from a novice cigar smoker to a seasoned cigar smoker is welcome to participate equally here on the forum. All members are asked to be considerate to a new person on the forum when they ask questions. Just because something has been discussed before does not mean it canít be discussed again! We were all new to this forum once and many are very eager to participate in the fun here, so letís keep that in mind and help people who want to learn about cigars. Let us all play nicely Ė the sandbox is big enough. As a member of this forum please take pride in our community and keep an eye out for people posting in a harsh manner towards new members that are new to cigars.

2. Search is OK but not mandatory

For many members the use of the Search function is used often to find something particular about a brand or something else related to cigars. Use it for that. As a member of this forum you have decided to be a part of a community that likes cigars. NEVER stoop so low as to refer a member to "USE the SEARCH Function". This is in fact very RUDE, with over a million posts "YES" everything under the sun has been talked about. The new members coming in are eager to post so let them. If you feel you have nothing to add to a post then simply overlook it and move on. We are a discussion board so let use the board for that purpose.

3. Cuban Cigars/Illegal Cigars

DO NOT ask how to buy Cubans or Cuban products in the United States! Cuban cigars are illegal in the U.S., end of discussion. NO SELLING OF CUBAN PRODUCTS ON OUR FORUM!

Also, please do NOT ask which retailers ship to the US, how they perform, etc., again, Cuban cigars are illegal in the U.S. We do delete posts related to these subjects as well as ban accounts!

Do not link Cuban cigar sources in any thread or attempt to hint at sources.

Do not post anything that hints or discloses which country you ordered from; and do not post pictures revealing such shipping tactics.

Do not attempt to PM or email other members for Cuban cigar sources, as this can be perceived as Spam and will be dealt with swiftly. Members receiving these requests should report these messages to the Moderators.

Discussions of Cuban cigars should not take place in any forum other than the Habanos forum. This includes posting pictures that can be interpreted as a purchase. You will not have access to this forum when you first join Puff.

We do delete posts related to these subjects as well as ban accounts! If you happen to live in a country where Cubans are legal...you have many envious friends!

We also remind you that you agreed to adhere to these rules when signing up to use our forums

4. Religious/Political Threads or Post

We are all mature adults but when dealing with these two subjects there will never be a good outcome, so for this reason Religious/Political discussions are NOT allowed. End of discussion.

5. Personal Attacks

Personal attacks/derogatory comments made towards fellow members or moderators will NOT be tolerated. Any such incident will be dealt with swiftly and harshly according to the Puff.com Code of Conduct/Terms of agreement.

6. Retailer/Cigar Specials/For Profit Sales

Any and all commercial advertising is not allowed. This includes if you own a cigar type of site and promote it here - that's spam! This includes but is NOT limited to: Facebook, blogs, Twitter accounts, any other social media/networking, ANY AND ALL MEANS of advertising your cigar related site will most definitely get you banned! Dont do it or you will be banned and your posts removed. Anyone that wishes to advertise must contact us first. If you see any spam related posts feel free to report the post and a moderator will DELETE the thread immediately and the poster will be banned immediately. Posts in a retailer forum or a For Sale forum are different and will not be considered spam. The rule of thumb is Ė is the post appropriate for the category in which it is posted.

a. If it is noticed that the majority of a members posts are selling threads then that member will be considered a Retailer and the thread will be moved to this appropriate section.

b. If a member posts a thread that is specifically intended to give members a chance to see a sale/deal then that thread is a "Cigar Special" and should be started in the Retail section.

c. If a member is buying things for the sole purpose of reselling them then it should be posted in the Profit Sales section.

7. Want to Buy, Sell, or Trade

Anything cigar related can be listed here either for sale or wanting to buy. You can also list non cigar related items (of legal nature and appropriate). When selling, post all of the details of the sale within your thread, but do not post links to a site where you're selling the items such as Ebay, other websites, etc. Members are asked to refrain from posting threads involving trades, sales, and buys with others, in any forum, except for the WTB/S/T Forums. New members will not have access to the Want to Buy, Sell, or Trade Forums or the Cuban Cigars Forum when they first join Puff. You are required to be a contributing member for 90 days, and have over 100 posts to be able to access this section.

NOTE: For specific WTB, WTS,WTT guidelines see the section rules located in the appropriate forum.

When you enter into a sale, buy, or trade, take every precaution to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly, bit if it doesn't, do not post about it in the open forum. Keep it private between the parties involved.

8. Account Suspension

Any attempt to circumvent a Temporary Account Suspension by re-registering another name and/or any other method will lead into the offending member to be permanently banned.

9. Sharing Account Info

Any members giving their account information to any Banned members will have their account permanently banned as well. No Exceptions.

10. Spamming in General

Well the spammers have been hitting us up lately on Puff and basically what they do is register and then try to post as much as they can with links out to stuff like pills, cell phones, calling cards, etc. After some complaints and reported post Jon decided it would be best to stomp a mudhole in that. I think it is all figured out now so we should be set to go back to cigars and tiki bars and not be worried about spammers.

These are the changes made to remedy this.

a. No new registered member can post web links or embed images within their post until they have at least 30 post under their belts. If a spammer is going to take the time to register and post then he/she will be pissed when they go to post a link and get denied.

b. No signatures allowed for new registered members until they have been here 5 days and have 10 post. Some spammers were putting spam in their signatures.

11.Read the "Stickies"

Most forums have a set of "Stickies", many of which give good guidelines as to what should and should not be posted on that forum. Read before posting.

12. Cigar Reviews on Puff

We have a lot of great members who provide cigar reviews to share their experience with other members. We welcome you to write your own reviews. You should go to the appropriate place in the Puff forum and write out your full review. All reviews need to be written in the Puff forums. Anyone who posts a review thread linking the review to another Cigar website, blog, facebook account or cigar related site is in violation of the advertising and spam rules which can result in a ban from Puff.com.

13. Member Milestones

New members who have been registered for 5 days and have a minimum of 10 posts will be able to, Send and Receive Private Messages, Upload a Profile Picture, Upload a Custom Avatar, Create a Signature, Upload Images (up to 1.5 mil bytes) and Create A Custom Title.

Once you have been registered for a minimum of 90 days and have reached the 100 post milestone you will have the ability to, Include Up to 10 Recipients In Private Messages, Access specialty forums, View Private Message text when you receive the email notification, Higher capacity of stored Private Messages, Enhanced signature, View member addresses, Use of the Friends List Function. Upload Images (up to 2 mil bytes)

14 Vulgar/Profane Language

The use of profanity/vulgarity is not allowed. Basically if it is a word that you would not use in mixed company or around a child then it should not be used here. If you have to think twice about whether a specific word should be used or not then it is probably best to not use it. A little common sense goes a long way and makes everyone's visit to Puff more enjoyable. Please be aware that a first offense will warrant a warning and any subsequent offenses will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from Puff.

15. User Submitted Content

Puff.com owns -all- content, posts and images that are posted and that reside on Puffs servers. By submitting materials, images or content, you automatically agree (or, to the extent you do not own all rights to such materials or content, you represent and warrant that the owner of the content or materials has expressly agreed) that without any particular time limit, and without the payment of any fees, PE and anyone it permits may reproduce, display, distribute and create new works of authorship based on and including the content or materials. You may not submit content or materials trademarked or copyrighted by anyone other than yourself.

Any images that are uploaded to your post or thread by you and hosted by a third party will be downloaded and stored onto Puff servers to maintain continuity for all posts and threads as well as to ensure fast page load times for our members. If this is a problem for you then please do not post images or links to images.

16. Private Messages

are private and will only be read by the sender and receiver

No postings of Infractions or any private messages should be posted on the open forum. Doing so will earn an infraction, temp or permanent ban.

17 Forum Code of Conduct

The most important rule of PUFF.com is to be well versed on the code of conduct for PUFF.com because both member and PUFF.com staff is held to this code of conduct. The code of conduct is also located with the Terms of Agreement that each member agrees to when registering on this forum. Puff will not allow the discussions of disciplinary actions taken by the administrators or moderators, on the forum. This includes discussions regarding warnings/infractions given, as well as the banning of members. Threads and posts will be deleted, when they are seen; and continued offenses will result in infractions or loss of membership to Puff.

NOTE! We will never, ever sell any of your personal information or email address under any circumstances, ever. Content posted on Puff.com is owned by Puff. By using our forums you agree to all of the rules and guidelines stated above!

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