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Puff Forum Agreement

Disclaimer: By using this site you agree to adhere to the forum rules listed below. For additional information regarding advertising on Puff.com refer to the section titled Retailer/Cigar Specials/For Profit Sales

Although the administrators and moderators of PUFF.com will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Puff.com, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message. Puff.com owns -all- content, posts and images that are posted and that reside on Puffs servers. By participating on our forum you agree implicitly to this. Any images that are uploaded to your post or thread by you and hosted by a third party will be downloaded and stored onto Puff servers to maintain continuity for all posts and threads as well as to ensure fast page load times for our members. If this is a problem for you then please do not post images or links to images.

We will not ever sell your email address or personal information to anyone under any circumstances, ever. If you own a cigar type of site do NOT promote it here. It will be considered spam and your post will be deleted and you will most likely be banned. Spam is not tolerated. Ever. Period.

Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are not permitted on Puff.com. Creating multiple accounts will get you banned from the forum.

Private Messages Private Messages (PM's) are private and will never be read by anyone other than the sender and receiver

Infractions and Private Messages are considered private and should never be posted in the open forum. Posting an infraction or private message in the open forum will result in additional infractions, temporary or permanent bans.

Spamming in General - Well the spammers have been hitting us up lately on Puff and basically what they do is register and then try to post as much as they can with links out to stuff like pills, cell phones, calling cards, etc. After some complaints and reported posts Jon decided it would be best to stomp a mudhole in that. I think it is all figured out now so we should be set to go back to cigars and tiki bars and not be worried about spammers. These are the changes made to remedy this. 1. No new registered member can post web links or embed images within their post until they have at least 30 post under their belts. If a spammer is going to take the time to register and post then he/she will be pissed when they go to post a link and get denied. 2. No signatures allowed for new registered members until they have been here 5 days and have 10 post. Some spammers were putting spam in their signatures.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any U.S. laws or the laws of your country of origin. NO SELLING OF CUBAN PRODUCTS ON OUR FORUM. PERIOD. You also agree to follow the PUFF.com Code of Conduct listed below. A complete offense structure is also listed with each item.

PUFF.com Code of Conduct


Drama will not be tolerated. What is drama? Bashing of Puff.com forums, bashing of Puff.com moderators, bashing of Puff.com members. Inciting arguments, instigating arguments, spreading the flames of discontent will not be tolerated. This includes discussions of "double standards", "favoritism", "hypocrisy", etc. If you have a constructive criticism that is fine - present it in the proper manner. Professional, constructive, and without insult or intent to incite a riot. This is a bannable offense. You may or may not receive a warning prior. Drama will NOT be tolerated.

Retailer/Cigar Specials/For Profit Sales

Any and all commercial advertising is not allowed. This includes if you own a cigar type of site and promote it here - that's spam! This includes but is NOT limited to: Facebook, blogs, Twitter accounts, any other social media/networking, ANY AND ALL MEANS of advertising your cigar related site will most definitely get you banned! Dont do it or you will be banned and your posts removed. Anyone that wishes to advertise must contact us first.

If you see any spam related posts feel free to report the post and a moderator will DELETE the thread immediately and the poster will be banned immediately. Posts in a retailer forum or a For Sale forum are different and will not be considered spam. The rule of thumb is is the post appropriate for the category in which it is posted.

Courteous Criticisms

When critiquing a cigar, please do it in an adult, considerate and decent manner. Do not insult the manufacturer or simply state "it sucks" etc. Give a reason as to what you feel does not fit your profile or taste. Burn issues? Construction? Condition of the cigar? As part of the PUFF.com community your post are looked at by manufacturers and it can often give them a heads up about bad batches that made it past quality control. Try to be specific. Where did you purchase the cigar? What year? Things like this can really help other members too. Also, feel free to offer some positives about the cigar itself that you did like, this will inform the manufacturer about the things the consumers enjoy about the cigar. We can all learn a lot from each other here.

Cigar Reviews on Puff

We have a lot of great members who provide cigar reviews to share their experience with other members. We welcome you to write your own reviews. You should go to the appropriate place in the Puff forum and write out your full review. All reviews need to be written in the Puff forums. Anyone who posts a review thread linking the review to another Cigar website, blog, facebook account or cigar related site is in violation of the advertising and spam rules which can result in a ban from Puff.com.

Private Groups

Most forums (including Puff) have private groups. (Some are open to all members and some are invite only.) Some may become available to you at a future time after reaching certain member milestones and ALL 'group' conversations are private and will not be discussed in the open forum. Discussions of private groups in the open forum will result in a warning, infraction, temp or permanent ban.

Picture Posting

Please do not post professional photography of any sort. Only post pictures that you do not mind sharing and pictures that are not in violation of copyright infringement. This forum is indexed daily by many search engines so the pictures within get indexed as well. PUFF.com will not be held responsible for pictures which are inappropriate or stolen YOU will be responsible.

Common Sense decision: Make sure that any attachment or picture would be able to stand the test of being viewable in the workplace, home or other such place where others would be viewing our forum. Pictures that would be considered NSFW (not safe for work) fall in the category of "unwanted postings" on PUFF.com. Common Sense reasoning: We all view PUFF.com in places where professional and personal rules of decorum apply to our viewing habits. Pictures posted on PUFF.com that fall into the category of NSFW will be removed by the Board Moderators at their discretion and the Member responsible for such posting will be notified of the decision via Private Message. Possible infractions may occur as a result against the user who originated the post.

The use of profanity/vulgarity is not allowed. Basically if it is a word that you would not use in mixed company or around a child then it should not be used here. If you have to think twice about whether a specific word should be used or not then it is probably best to not use it. A little common sense goes a long way and makes everyone's visit to Puff more enjoyable. Please be aware that a first offense will warrant a warning and any subsequent offenses will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from Puff.

PUFF.com Staff will CLOSE threads that they deem are spiraling out of control. Granted this will be done on a case by case basis and there is no litmus test for what fits this description. We know it when we see it is the best we can offer.

Thread Closing challenge

Any author/originator of a thread who has a problem with why THEIR OWN thread has been locked and/or deleted must contact the ADMIN and/or the moderator who locked the thread PRIVATELY through a PM stating their case in a rational and respectful manner. Creating new threads to vent your frustrations with the closing of a thread will only result in that thread's deletion as well. If you still feel the need to vent by creating new threads you will then the below offense structure may be applied:

As policy for PUFF.com no threads are hard deleted. This means that moderators and administrators can always go back and look at the threads to see how things unfolded. This again is a form of Checks and Balances to help police ourselves.

If you are registered to use our forums at Puff you will be registered to receive the Puff Monthly newsletter which is only sent once a month. If you do not wish to receive it, simply click UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the newsletter and you will never receive it again. We will never, ever share your information with ANYONE.

One last note: Depending on the severity of any of the above rules broken we reserve the right to instantly permanent ban anyone for breaking the above rules. This will only be done in the most severe of cases.

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