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Help...overfilled my Credo

This is a discussion on Help...overfilled my Credo within the General Cigar Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; I just purchased a 50 cigar humidor and a Credo Epsilon humidifer for it. I think I may have added ...

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    Unhappy Help...overfilled my Credo

    I just purchased a 50 cigar humidor and a Credo Epsilon humidifer for it. I think I may have added to much distilled water because my RH keeps holding anywhere from 74-76%. Can I leave the Credo out for a day or two and hope enough water evaporates to stabilize?? Also, will cedar strips help soak up some of the excess water??


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    DymOnamic relaxnsmoke's Avatar

    Yikes, this worked for me, a new sponge,(usually have moisture in them) so I put it in the dishwasher on dry cycle, perhaps a clothes dryer or hairdryer, whatever, just have a clean new sponge that is dry, it actually settled out my humi and absorbed excess moisture in 24 hours! Goodluck! New humidors are hard to get settled down.....try this out, I'm sure you will soon have a lot of remedies posted here to choose from, realaxnsmoke

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    Young Puffer Fish RASSmatazz's Avatar

    Are you mixing your distilled water with Propylene Glycol? This helps maintain a 70% level. If your credo is new you shouldn't have to do this yet as it should have been charged at the factory. After 6 months, mix a 50/50 solution of distilled water and PG. Hopefully you are using a digital hygrometer. Analogs are usually inaccurate.
    Allow the box to stabilize for a day or so. The wood in the humidor has to absorb moisture and then the humidifier will take over.

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    F.O.G. with nice smokes OnePyroTec's Avatar

    In a nutshell, agreed. PG is one of the easiest ways to help maintain a steady 70%.

    If your humidor is not seasoned, you will need to do that as well, before it will be stable.


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    Leading Puffer Fish radar's Avatar

    Are you sure you're getting an accurate reading on the humidity? Are you using a digital?
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