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Sancho Panza.

This is a discussion on Sancho Panza. within the General Cigar Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; Just had a Sancho Panza brown label...I couldn't finish it! The draw was so tight I wanted to break the ...

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Sancho Panza.

    Just had a Sancho Panza brown label...I couldn't finish it! The draw was so tight I wanted to break the darned thing in half!! Luckily, only spent 2 bucks on it.

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    Smoking makes me go Poo! Shemp75's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    I have smoked thru many a box of the Double Maduros. always a great deal for the quality of stick. its the poor mans Padron X000.

    That brown labeled one is the regular line which i do admit is garbage. the Double mad and Extra fuertes are the best.
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    Puffer Fish with many spikes nfusion770's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    This is one Marca I have been completely neglectful of. I've only had a young non plus and I didn't think all that much of it. Sanchos scare me as I imagine they are just too much similar to the Monte A. Maybe I need to try a Belicoso or something out of print.
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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes JustinThyme's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    I have a had a brown labeled one that was actually quite good.....Glorioso Connecticut Toro and non brown label Extra Fuerte Madrid Honduran Toro that was also decent.
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    Off to Cigar bum. com jhedrick83's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    IMO the double Maduro is by far their best. I love them!
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    I'm totally serious, dude B-daddy's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    I think the Extra Fuerte and the Dbl Maduro are two of the best bargains out there. Always great construction and great flavors. Love them.
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    Puffer Fish with many spikes A.McSmoke's Avatar


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    I've only had the Extra Fuerte Cordoba Honduran Corona. The 2 I had were decent sticks that I'd repurchase

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Sancho Panza.

    Gotta agree with the positive comments on the dbl maduro and the extra fuerte. Haven't had the regular line, but I've seen them get good reviews on blind tastings. They are quite a decent budget smoke, so I'm sure one comes down the line with a flaw every now and then.


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