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What Causes Dry Smoke?

This is a discussion on What Causes Dry Smoke? within the General Cigar Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; Hey guys, long time smoker first time poster. Recently Ive had a few cigars that have had very dry smoke. ...

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    Leading Puffer Fish Merovius's Avatar


    What Causes Dry Smoke?

    Hey guys, long time smoker first time poster. Recently Ive had a few cigars that have had very dry smoke. The Alec Bradley Prensado Torpedo and Drew Estate Liga Privada No 9 come to mind. The construction, draw and flavors of both were really great but the experience was lost with the super dry smoke on the palette. So I was just curious, what causes cigar smoke to be very dry?

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    Joe beercritic's Avatar


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    I'm not sure, but I greatly prefer the smokes that appear to be moist (to my palate). Nica Libre, Sancho Panza maduro, Paradox & the Nicaraguan Overruns Holt's was selling come to mind. I do enjoy drier sticks, if they're peppery.
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    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    First thing that comes to mind is your humidity level. Are you in the low to mid 60's?
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    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    I enjoy/prefer the dry smokes the best. Padrons always struck me as being dry also, as well as 'My Father' and the Pepin line. I find it to be an indication of a well aged tobacco.
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    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    That's a new one on me.
    I actually start to salivate a little more when I light up a good stogie.
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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    Some sticks have oily smoke that coats your mouth and some don't (?)

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    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    This is curious. As stated, there are cigars out there that have sort of a "dry" element, sort of like a dry wine. However, the sticks you mention, at least IMO, do not. It makes me wonder what their actual moisture content was when you smoked them, how you store your cigars and if they were in your humidor long enough to stabilize to your preferred set point?

    Also, can you perhaps describe this a different way? I mean, did literally taste "dry" dry, like dust, or sand, or did they taste dry like in dry wine, or baker's chocolate?

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    Leading Puffer Fish Merovius's Avatar


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    My humi is kept around 70/70, Temp and RH respectively. The cigars themselves are not dry. I think GDaddy is on to something, that it is a sign of well aged tobacco.

    I had another Liga Last night and it wasnt as dry as the first. It had a very dry mouth feel, but the smoke was oily and only slightly dry. The Alec Bradley, as mentioned previously, was incredibly dry. As for the type of dryness, if memory serves me correctly, I would say it is akin to a dry wine. Although it has been over 11 years since I have had a glass.

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    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    @Gdaddy is nearly always "onto something" I typically refer to such notes as "musty", or "dusty", but to each his own. Thing is, that note takes many years to render. How old are the sticks?

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    I'm totally serious, dude B-daddy's Avatar


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    During cigar reviews, I often (ok, not often but sometimes) refer to a tannic dryness in the cigar smoke. It's reminiscent of pomace (left over skins and stems) after pressing red wine grapes. I get it more as a scent and mouthfeel, than as a flavor. I have a mild allergy to leaf molds. I sometimes get asthma when I'm raking leaves or hunting in the woods. I sometimes feel like that tannic dryness gives me just a hint of that allergic/asthma reaction. It's a little bit of a pucker or tightness in my mouth, sinuses, and throat. I wonder if this is related the topic at hand.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    I used to enjoy dry sticks until I set up my coolidor properly and have a constant 65% RH for a good duration of time. However I do believe some smokes better be left dry. This may take serious experimentation.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish FireRunner's Avatar


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    The tough part here is figuring out what each smoker describes as "dry".
    20 years of smoking and still going strong *cough* *cough*...

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Pj201's Avatar


    Re: What Causes Dry Smoke?

    I think I understand the feeling of a dry feel. I get it in some cigars as padron and Fuentes to name 2 off top of my head. It's not a bad thing to me, just different. IMO I feel it's just difference in oil content of the leaf. I use about 20 different leaf in my blends, and some smoke more oily/dry than others. I try to balance these to get a large volume of oily smoke. I always enjoy an ice cold coke cherry with most of my smokes to combat mouth dryness.
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