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View Poll Results: What do you drink with your Cigar?

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  • Beer

    8 14.04%
  • Wine

    9 15.79%
  • Liquor

    24 42.11%
  • Nothing

    2 3.51%
  • Coffee

    14 24.56%
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Beer, Wine or Liquor with your Smoke?

This is a discussion on Beer, Wine or Liquor with your Smoke? within the General Cigar Discussion forums, part of the The Cigar Lounges at Puff category; Scotch, Beer, Diet Coke, Water... It depends on the situation...

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    Full grown Puffer Fish tbateman's Avatar

    Scotch, Beer, Diet Coke, Water... It depends on the situation
    It is necessary for us to learn from others' mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself. -- Admiral Hyman Rickover

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    Young Puffer Fish Chef Richard's Avatar

    As one with a fine tuned taste bud it definately depends on the cigar....................

    Chef Richard
    [SIZE=1]"All I can say is that I have taken more out of alcohol than it has taken out of me,"

    - Winston Churchill

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes cashcow's Avatar

    1. Strong black sweet Cuban cofee
    2. Cuban rum (matusalem anejo)

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    Full grown Puffer Fish

    Pretty flexible as to what to drink with my cigars, but in no particular order, good cup of coffee, couple of fingers of a good bourbon over ice , and a good Imperial stout such as Old Rasputin.Depends on mood, time of day, the weather,etc. Frank B

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    IHT is offline
    - IHT's Avatar

    Originally posted by smokemifyagotem
    9 out of 10 times I go with coffee. If Im looking to "booze it up" I go with beer. Red wine and cigars don't mix well with me - its the acid in it. After a glass or two my cigar always takes on a acidic taste and it feels like Im coming down with heartburn. Anyone else experience this?
    yes! actually, a handful of NC cigars do that on their own with me. but i try to stay away from acidic drinks like wine when i'm smoking.

    i normally go for (if i can) some diet soda and spiced rum. i would LOVE to try coffee with my cigars, but when i nornally get time to smoke a good cigar, it's late at night.

    since i'm over in germany, of course i'm drinking beer with my cigars now... too bad they don't have guiness in most places (except irish pubs) here.
    "To be second guessed, you have to be the first guesser."

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    Maturing Puffer Fish one90proof's Avatar

    IHT - You are in GERMANY and yer complaining about not having Guiness!? LOL

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    Young Puffer Fish

    I voted for coffee, to my tastes alcohol of any kind always overpowered or detracted from the taste of my cigar.....to each his or her own though......Barry

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    Light's on..No one's home okie2's Avatar

    Coffees in the AM.....Cokes in the PM.
    I lit up a Havana......and that was the day I was born!
    Lord Grade

    http://www.gibraltar.gi/images/europa.jpg Bob

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Eichen's Avatar

    More often than not these days I'll be drinking left over tea from work (pu-erh all day in a thermos!), Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb, or water.

    When I was in school, it'd be whiskey and bourbon for my top choice but I'd usually be drinking whatever beer was in the pitcher on the table. Now where'd I put that bourbon?

    Coffee is another favorite pairing. I've found it helpful for getting rid of cigar breath too.

    I once finished off a day-old bottle of Cooks champagne while smoking a Fuente 858 natural. That was mighty fine.


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    I love a spicy cigar and a good MOJITO to drink. Aaaaaah that's heaven!

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes linusvanpelt's Avatar


    Cool Rum and Coke

    I always enjoy a rum and coke with my sticks. My favorite rum is Bacardi Reserva 8 Superior.
    Tact is for those who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.

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    Young Puffer Fish Cyclist's Avatar

    Porto would be my choice. So I voted for wine. Coffee is the second pick. For me, any distilled alcohole heats up the cigar taste and makes it too hot.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish LSUTIGER's Avatar

    I voted for wine at first, if I could vote again it would be coffee

    Then coke, wine, mix drink, beer

    Just like smokemifyagotem said, depends if I want to "booze it up"

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    Full grown Puffer Fish motortown's Avatar

    Yeah, it really does depend on the situation, mood or season. I guess right now it would be:

    morning= coffee or tea
    mid day= Diet Dr. Pepper or tea. maybe Pellegrino.
    after work= Diet Dr. Pepper or Pellegrino. maybe hot chocolate.
    after dinner= coffee, espresso or hot chocolate (hey, it's friggin'
    cold up here right now).
    watching football= Goose Island rootbeer (thanks, Chicago) or
    hot chocolate.

    Hope some of that doesn't sound too pretentious. Hey, good is good.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes hogg's Avatar

    I drink coffee and seltzer most times, but yeah, motortown, I've been into hot chocolate this year for some reason. I use the hershey's cocoa and sugar and milk under the steamer, much better than those packets of crap by swiss miss.

    "Real Marshmellows"?! That's like a genuine counterfeit, right?
    As opposed to the "Imaginary" kind?

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