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Anybody else here into roasting/drinking coffee?

This is a discussion on Anybody else here into roasting/drinking coffee? within the General Discussion forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; To me, nothing beats fresh coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans. I've been slacking lately, drinking Cubita... so I decided ...

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    Trout chaser Brandon's Avatar


    Anybody else here into roasting/drinking coffee?

    To me, nothing beats fresh coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans. I've been slacking lately, drinking Cubita... so I decided I needed to order some more green beans to try out. I have some Kenyans, Sumatrans, Ethiopians, Costa Rican, Bolivian, and Blue Mtn on the way.

    Right now, my preferred brewing method is by French Press. I've been thinking about one of those vacuum brewers, but I've heard some negative comments about the water sitting on the grounds too long. I've also been thinking about trying out a stovetop Moka pot for something a little stronger. I'd like to get a espresso machine, but can't exactly drop 300-400 on a really good machine for a while.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Treyjo43's Avatar

    You really think a Frech Press makes that much of a diffrence?

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    Leading Puffer Fish robmcd's Avatar

    brandon... does your cubita look like this (below)? ... the french press is the worst of the techniques you mentioned... you can get an italian (stove top) espresso machine for very little cash.
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    Trout chaser Brandon's Avatar

    Naw, I've got the 1 kilo bags of whole bean. It's decent coffee, but still nothing compared to good fresh roast from any other country. I bought quite a bit of it when I was naive and influenced by folks who thought coffee and rum from Cuba is the best around.

    I know a press pot is not as good as the other methods I listed, but produces a better, stonger cup than a drip machine IMO. Drip machines are okay, as long as you don't use paper filters. The press pot method is certainly not for everyone. Not using a good burr grinder will leave you with more 'sludge' in the coffee. You just get used to not drinking the last several sips. I think I'll be trying out a stove top Moka pot soon.

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    Leading Puffer Fish robmcd's Avatar

    check this again:
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes drac's Avatar

    my wife and I roast our own coffee.
    I ourchase my green beans mostly from coffee bean corall
    Tattooed Tobacconist

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    Four Aces

    My favorite is Costa Rican Terrazu. I find it to be the best coffee in the world. One of my uncles in Costa Rica grows in the Turrialba region, however, the coffee there, while good, is not as exquisite as the Terrazu.


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    The Mayor Mayor's Avatar

    I have some Cubita from 1999.
    How long will beans last? How much flavor is lost over time? The beans are stored in a tupperware container.


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    Trout chaser Brandon's Avatar

    Yes David, I saw that. The bags I have are 1 Kilo bags of whole beans, not pre-ground bricks.... product of Cuba, not USA (as pictured below in the center).

    Four Aces... the Costa Rican La Minita Tarrazu is one I happen to have on the way. Can't wait to roast some up!

    Drac, I order from there as well as sweet marias. The Bolivian Organic from CBC comes highly recommended. Happen to have 10 lbs on the way. You might wanna grab some while it's in stock.

    As far as shelf life, it is recommended to not keep coffee more than about a week if you want the "fresh" flavor. I never roast more than will be used within about a week's time. As far as prepackaged stuff that's opened, I have no idea. All I know is that freshly roasted stuff is much tastier
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    Young Puffer Fish Dr. Evil's Avatar

    I get a green Torquino out of Canada; I'll never drink Cubita again...
    It's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart. Þ

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    Leading Puffer Fish robmcd's Avatar

    brandon- what kind of roaster are you using? i got this roaster for chanukah... we just finished setting it up- can't wait to try it out.
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    Young Puffer Fish

    Brandon southernlady and drinker of the java here. Drac is a great roaster, as I have sampled his ruvumu which was killer. I got a new Cuisinart Grind and Brew. (Blessed Temple of Coffee!!) You can find them at Filenes.com for like $100 and makes a great cup of fresh roast, and easy to clean. I have a friend who spent $500 on her woohooo machine and she said mine brews a better cup of bean than hers and I agree!! Like cigars you dont always have to get the most expensive to get the best!!
    And if interested would love to try the cubita so want to trade, coffee for other coffee, or cigars?? PM me if interested...Happy roasting...
    "I Love Cuban Cigars, Bears, Fast cars, and cigar bars!"

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    Newbie in the ocean Nestsdad's Avatar

    I too roast my own beans. I get them through the coffee bean coral - it makes for an excellent cup of joe.

    I have thought about trying a french press - heard good and bad.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes drac's Avatar

    i love my french press
    Tattooed Tobacconist

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Eichen's Avatar

    I got hooked on home roasting after reading so much about it here. I've had some really sublime coffee from the Ethiopian Harar that I've been roasting and brewing lately. I tend to prefer East African and Indonesian coffees.

    My equipment's pretty basic. I've got a fresh roast, a manual bur grinder and a french press. My roasts are a little hit and miss but I'm still learning how I prefer them to turn out. The good ones have really been fantastic.

    I've been using a french press exclusively for a few years and the only tricky thing about is getting the water temperature right before pouring it in the caraffe (sp?). After figuring that out, it's been a breeze.

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