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Pipe Websites

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    Pipe Websites

    I'd like to thank, Jeff (jgros001), for compiling this extensive list, and for allowing all the pipe smokers at Puff.com to use it.
    Great job my friend!


    4Noggins: 4noggins.com
    Affordable Pipes: index.htm
    Al Pascia: smoking pipes Al Pascia', pipe, pipa, alpascia.com
    All About Pipes: Alles rund um Pfeifen... *-* All about pipes... Photo Gallery by martinrr at pbase.com
    Altinok Pipes: Altinok Pipe - Excellent Turkish Meerschaum Pipes
    Artisan Pipes: Artisan smoking pipes
    Bennington Tobacconist: https://bocabenningtons.com/onlinestore.php
    Best Meerschaums (Baki): bestmeerschaums
    Bisgaard Pipes: aab-taxfreepipes.com
    The Briar Gallery: http://home.comcast.net/~briargallery/
    Briar Patch: Briar Patch Pipe and Tobacco | Your source for cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco
    The Briar Pipe: TheBriarPipe.com Home Page
    The Briary: The Briary Pipe and Tobacco Shop - A pipe and tobacco shop selling fine pipes, tobacco, cigars, humidors and other pipe and tobacco accessories
    Bulk Corn Cob Pipes: Corn Cob Pipes
    Chief Catoonah Tobacconist: Chief Catoonah's
    Cornell and Diehl: new index
    Cup o’ Joes: Cup O' Joes - Largest Selection of Dunhill Pipes and Pipe Tobacco
    Davidoff, NYC: Davidoff Shop - Madison Avenue - NYC
    Dead Man's Pipes: { Dead Man's Pipes } Specializing in estate smoking pipes
    Dino Puffin: Online shop of Italian handmade pipes: artisanal briar pipes - Mastro de Paja school - Dino Puffin
    Dunhill and Castello Collectors Web Site: Dunhill & Castello Collectors Web Site
    eBriar: Welcome and thank you for visiting eBriar
    F.F. Pipes and Tobacco: FF Pipes & Tobacco
    Fader’s Tobacconist: Fader's Tobacconists
    Fine Pipes: Fine Pipes International
    Frenchy’s Pipes: Frenchy's Pipes - New and Estate Smoking Pipes
    The Gray Fox: Fine Smoking Pipes & Accessories with FREE SHIPPING - The Gray Fox
    Hermit Tobacco: Estate pipes,Hermit Tobacco Vintage Blends New Pipes
    The Italian Pipe: Welcome to the High Grade Italian Pipes Homepage
    Iwan Ries: Largest Selection of Pipes, Pipe Tobacco and Cigars in Chicago @ Iwan Ries & Co.
    James Island Piper: The James Island Piper, premium new and estate tobacco smoking pipes
    J.R. Cigars: http://www.jrcigars.com/index.cfm?page=pipes
    L.J. Peretti: LJ Peretti Co. - Established 1870
    Le Pipe: http://www.lepipe.it/ing/default.asp
    LePeltier Clay Pipes: Lepeltier pipes - The World's finest clay pipes.
    Lewis Pipe and Tobacco: Lewis Pipe and Tobacco - Rich Lewis the best pipe Maker and Repairman in the US
    Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack: Lil' Brown Smoke Shack. Yakima, WA
    Mars Cigars and Pipes: mars cigars & pipes
    McCranie’s: Welcome to McCranie's
    Meerschaum Store: Meerschaum Smoking Pipes - Meerschaum Collectibles Gifts
    Milan Tobacconists: Milan Tobacconists - Offering Premium Cigars, Pipes, Pipe Tobacco, and Accessories Since 1912 From Our Cigar and Pipe Shop in Roanoke, Virginia
    Missouri Meerschaum: Missouri Meerschaum
    Neat Pipes: Documento sin ttulo
    Novelli Pipes: Novelli Pens & Pipes - Since 1951
    Old Virginia Tobacco Co.: Old Virginia Tobacco Company: Pipe Tobaccos and Cigars
    Ostermann Pipes: Ostermann Pipes Vienna
    Outwest Tobacco: Pipe Tobacco Pipe Smoking Tobacco Bulk Pipe Tobacco
    Panther Pipes: pantherpipes
    Payless Pipes: Pipes, Smoking Pipes & Pipe Tobacco from Payless Pipes
    Peter Heinrichs: Peter Heinrichs
    Pia Pipes: PiaPipes-Online shop for smoking pipes and pipe maker accessories
    Pipe Collectors Club of America: PCCA 2009
    The Pipe Den: estate pipes cigars smoking tobacco estate pipe Dunhill Castello
    The Pipe Rack: The Pipe Rack - For All Your Burning Desires
    The Pipe Site: http://www.thepipesite.com/
    Pipe Smoke: www.pipesmoke.eu - Smoking pipes, estate pipes, pipe and cigar accessories of the best brand
    Pipe Tobacco Place: Pipe Tobacco Shop - Tobacco Smoking Pipes & Pipe Tobacco
    Pipedo: http://www.pipedo.com/index_e.shtml
    Pipestud's Consignment Shop: http://www.pipestud.com/main.html?sr...ndex2.html#1,0
    Pipeworks and Wilke: Pipeworks & Wilke; Custom blended tobaccos, Wilke Briar Pipes.
    Pipes and Cigars: Cigars, Pipes, Pipe Tobacco, and Smoking Accessories at PipesandCigars.com
    Pipes by George: Pipes - Our High Grade Lines
    Pipes High Grade: The Shop
    Pipes 2 Smoke: Tobacco Pipes, Smoking Pipes, Estate Pipes &
    Premier Pipes: Tobacco Pipes - Smoking Pipes - Accessories At PREMIER PIPES. We Offer The Best Smoking Pipes.
    Puffers Pipes: Pufferspipes
    Pulvers’ Briars: Home
    Rajek’s House of Smoke: Rajeks House of Smoke
    Rare Memories: Estate and new Smoking Pipes from RareMemories
    The Right Pipe: Smoking Pipes - Imported Pipes from Turkey and Italy : The Right Pipe
    Ruby Lane: Pipes :: All Items on Ruby Lane
    Scandinavian Pipes: Welcome to Scandinavian Pipes
    The Smoker: Home - Welcome to the Smoker
    Smokers’ Haven: Smokers' Haven Tobacco Pipes Cigars Smoking Pipe Tobaccos & Lighters
    Smoking Pipes: Tobacco Pipes, Smoking Pipes, Estate Pipes & Pipe Tobacco at Smoking Pipes .com
    SMS Pipes: SMS Pipes - Smoking Pipe - Imported Pipes from Turkey and Italy
    Tabak Heinrich: Tabak-Heinrich Online-Shop
    The Tobacco Barn: The Tobacco Barn: 1000's of Zippo Lighters, Cigars, Briar Pipes, Meerschaum Pipes, Custom Blended Pipe Tobacco
    Tobacco Direct: Cigarettes, Black Hawk Cigarettes - Black Hawk Native American Made Cigarettes
    The Tobacco Shop: The Tobacco Shop
    Tobacco Supermarket: tobaccosupermarket.com
    Tria Pipes: Home
    Uptown’s Smoke Shop: Uptowns Age Verification
    Vintage Briars: VintageBriars.com
    Watch City Cigar: Watch City Cigar Company -
    WV Smoke Shop: http://www.wvsmokeshop.com/index.asp...S&Category=100


    Bail Top Jars: Canning/Preserving/Storage Jars Rubber Gasket Wire Bail Glass Top Triomphe Canning Jars like old Mason jar Ball jar
    BD Woodturn Pipe Tampers: Bill Doherty Woodturning
    Lamb Cabinets and Racks: Pipe Cabinets Pipe Racks
    Ming Kahuna: Welcome to Ming-Kahuna
    Old Ironsides’ Tampers: Pipe Tampers
    Papa Duke Tampers: Papa Duke's Handcrafted Tampers
    Renaissance Wax: Restoration, Preservation, Conservation
    Smokin’ Holsters: Welcome to Smokin' Holsters
    Steve's Pipes and Accessories: index.htm
    Tamper Works: TamperWorks
    Tony’s Pipe Racks: Pipe Racks
    Totem Star: TotemStar.com
    Two Cousins Pipe Racks: View Our Pipe Racks
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader


    Re: Pipe Websites


    Adam Davidson: Adam Davidson Design
    Alberto Bonfiglioli: Bonfiglioli Alberto Pipemaker's Page
    Alexey Florov: florovpipes.com
    Anne Julie: Website of Anne Julie
    Aston-Taylor Pipes: Ashton-Taylor Pipes
    Atelier Rolando: Atelier Rolando
    Atelier Yashtylov: - - Pipe Atelier Yashtylov
    B.A. Weaver: Custom Briar Tobacco Pipes for Sale- Fluted, Billiard, Lovat, etc
    BAC Art Pipes: http://www.bacartpipes.com/home.html
    Baff: www.baff.cc - baff pipes - custom made tobacco pipes - tabakpfeifen nach mass - David Wagner - Smoking Briar Pipes - pipemaker - pfeifenmacher - pfeifenschneider - bruyere
    Ben Scofield: ScofieldPipes.com
    Bertram Safferling: Safferling | Freehands | Pipemaking Courses & Seminars | Gallery of Freehands | Exclusive Pipes | Smoking Accessories
    Bob Kiess: Kiess Pipes
    Brad Pohlmann: Pohlmann Pipes
    Brian Ruthenberg: BriarArt.com
    Chris Askwith: Askwith Pipes Hand Made in England
    Chris Morgan: Morgan Pipes
    Cornelius Manz: Cornelius Mänz | pipes - home
    Darius Dah (GRC): Welcome to my Web site
    David Enrique: David Enrique Pipes
    David Johnson: Ozark Mountain Briars Hand Crafted Tobacco Pipes by David Johnson
    Don Bernard: http://donbernardpipes.com/newpipe.htm
    E. Andrew: E.Andrew Home
    Ed Burak: Home
    Elliott Nachwalter: Elliott Nachwalter Pipestudio - Handmade Briar pipes created one at a time at artisans studio in Vermont
    Fikri Baki (Meerschaum): bakipipes
    Georgi Todorov: GETZpipes studio - handmade briar smoking pipes and accessories
    Heiner Nonnenbroich: Home
    Horace Dejarnett: Dejarnett Briar Pipes - Handmade & Unique !!!
    Jaden Hew Len: http://www.hew-len-pipes.com/
    J. Alan: J. Alan Pipes
    J.M. Boswell: http://www.boswellpipes.com/index.htm
    Jack Howell: Howell Fine Handmade Pipes
    Jake Hackert: "Custom Hand Crafted Pipes" by Jake Hackert -- Centerville PA Lancaster PA Demuth Tobacco Shop Briar pipes corncob pipes antler pipes bisonhead sws SWS service with a smile rick resh judy resh bisonhead racing service with a smile pipe repair custom
    Jan Zeman: Jan Zeman - handcrafted pipes
    Jody Davis: jdavispipes.com
    Joel Shapiro: JS Pipes and Tampers
    Johan Slabbert: http://www.jobertpipes.co.za/index.php
    John Crosby: Crosby Handmade Pipes
    Jon Rinaldi: Handmade Pipes by Jon Rinaldi Pipes
    Julius Vesz: Julius Vesz Pipes, beautiful handcrafted pipes expertly carved from dead root briar, and exclusive Canadian army military miniatures
    Jurgen Moritz: Jrgen Moritz - Pfeifenmacher
    Kent Rasmussen: Kent Rasmussen Pipes
    Kirk Bosi: Bosi Pipes & Pens, exclusive handmade pipes.
    Kurt Huhn: Handmade Pipes By Kurt Huhn
    Larry Roush: Larry Roush Pipes
    Lee Von Erck: Lee Von Erck Pipes
    Love Geiger: GEIGER PIPES
    Manuel Shaabi: Home
    Mark Gradberg (Gray Mountain): Gray Mountain Pipes
    Mark Tinsky: http://ssl.cybersun.com/scripts/webcatalog4disapi.dll/4dcgi/Subcat?AMS~101340587~103
    Michael Parks: Parks Pipes - Hand Crafted Briar Pipes - Pipe Maker - Michael Parks - Smoking Pipes - Tobacco Pipes - Briar Pipes - Pipe Smoke - Pipes - Handmade Briar Pipes
    Mike Brissett: http://my.execpc.com/~maddog92/Pipes2/pipes.html
    Oliver and Max Brandt: Brandypipes - Home
    Paolo Becker: Becker Pipes
    Paul Bonaquisti Pipes: http://ssl.cybersun.com/scripts/webcatalog4disapi.dll/4dcgi/mainmenu?BON~101391504
    Paul Tatum: XO(R) Web Site Hosting
    Perry White: Perry White Smoking Pipes
    Peter Heding: Heding Pipes
    Peter Heeschen: Heeschen-Pipes
    Rad Davis: Rad Davis Hand Made Pipes
    Rafael Martin: Pipes Martin
    Reiner Thilo: Welcome at Reiner Thilo Pipes - The Pipemaker - handmade Pipes - Phone +49 72 51 - 6 80 71
    Rich Lewis: Lewis Pipe and Tobacco - Rich Lewis the best pipe Maker and Repairman in the US
    R.M. Perkins: R. M. Perkins Smoking Pipes
    Roland Briars: Roland-Briars
    Rolando Negoita: Atelier Rolando
    Ronny Thuner: smokepipers_heaven
    Scott Anderson: Scott J. Anderson About Scott Anderson Pipes
    Scott Thile: http://sethilepipes.com/index.htm
    Sergey Senatorov: www.senatorov.lv
    Stephen Downie: Stephen Downie Pipes - Home
    Teddy Knudsen: Teddy Knudsen
    Tim Fuller: TCFuller Pipes
    Tom Eltang: Eltang Pipes
    Tony Fillenwarth: Fillenwarth Pipes
    Trever Talbert: Talbert Pipes
    Tyler Lane: Tyler Lane Pipes
    Vollmer and Nilsson: Vollmer & Nilsson Handmade Pipes
    Will Purdy: Will Purdy Pipes
    Wolfgang Blazejewski: http://www.puffapipe.com/index.html


    Alt.smokers.pipes: Discussions - alt.smokers.pipes | Google Groups
    A.S.P Shape Chart: ASPipes > Shapes Chart
    American Pipe Makers: americanpipemakers.info
    Bear Briar Pipe Repair: Home
    Brothers of Briar: Brothers of Briar
    Caf Press Pipe Clothing: Yet More Uppity Pipe Apparel : More apparel for discerningly ornery gentlemen
    Chris’ Pipe Pages: Pipepages.com
    Comoy’s Pipe Dating: History of Comoys, Guide towards Dating
    Danish Pipe Makers: Danish Pipe Makers
    Dunhill Blend Chart: When Alfred Dunhill opened his shop on Duke Street in 1907 it was not a pipe shop, to be sure a scattering of pipes were offer
    Eager Beaver’s Briar: The Eager Beaver’s Briar
    eBay Search: About
    The Erudite Outlet: Pipe & Cigar : The Erudite Outlet
    Fellowship of the Noble Briar: Free forum : Fellowship of the Noble Briar
    The Frank (German) Packing Method: Pfeifenstudio Frank
    GBD Pipe Dating: GBD Models
    G.L. Pease: G. L. Pease - Artisanal Tobaccos for the Discerning Pipe Smoker
    Gawith Hoggarth Tobacco: Gawith Hoggarth TT Ltd Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers
    Guide to Pipe Shapes: PipeSMOKE's guide to Pipe Shapes and Styles
    Irish Clay Pipes: Irish Clay Pipe - World Cultures European
    John Loring’s Page: Pipes For Sale
    MacBaren Tobacco: Mac Baren - Main
    McClelland Tobacco Co.: McClelland Tobacco Company - smoking pipe tobacco at its finest
    My Pipes Community: http://www.my-pipes.com/
    My Private Pipe Page: My private pipe page with photos of pipes and some text
    Night Owl Pipeworks: NightOwl PipeWorks
    Norwood's Pipe Repair: NORWOODS PIPE REPAIR
    A Passion for Pipes Blog: Welcome
    Perry’s Pipes and Repair: Perry's Smoking Pipes and Pipe Repair Parts
    Peter Stokkebye: Villiger Stokkebye International
    Peterson Pipes: Peterson of Dublin
    Pfeifenbox: Pfeifenbox
    PIMO Pipe Craft: Pipe Making Information and Supplies from PIMO Pipe Craft
    Pipendoge: PIPENDOGE: Collecting Pipes++Picture Gallery++Pipes by Brand++Pipes by Country of Origin++Pipemakers++Pipe-Books++History
    Pipe and Tobacco Collectors Blog: Pipe and Tobacco Collectors Blog
    Pipe Artist and Manufacturer List: Pipe Maker/Manufacturer List
    Pipe Collectors Club of America: PCCA 2009
    Pipe Lore: Pipe Lore
    Pipe Makers’ Forum: Pipe Makers' Forum - the only forum site for pipe makers on the web
    Pipe Restore: PipeRestore Home Page
    Pipe Show Information: Pipe Show Information
    Pipe Show Online: Tobacco Smoking Pipes Show Online
    Pipe Smoking Tips: Tobacco pipe smoking tips
    Pipe Tobacco Aging FAQ: The Pipe Tobacco Aging, Storage and Cellaring FAQ
    Pipe Trader: PipeTrader - Your Window onto the World of Pipes!
    Pipedia: Main Page - Pipedia
    Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine: Pipes and tobaccos - Home
    Pipes: Logos and Markings: English index - Pipes : Logos & markings
    Pipes.org: http://www.pipes.org/index.php
    Precision Pipe Rejuvenation and Repair: Precision Smoking Pipe Rejuvenation & Repair
    The Professor’s Tobacco Reviews: The Professor's Pipe Page and Tobacco Bar
    R.D. Field: R. D. Field, Importer of Fine Briar Pipes
    Samuel Gawith Tobacco: Homepage of Samuel Gawith & Company Limited, Snuff Grinders and Tobacco Manufacturers since 1792
    Sasieni Pipe Dating: Pipes Digest Article: 222.035
    Savinelli Pipes: http://www.savinelli.it/eng/index.htm
    Smokers Forums: Smokers Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    Straight Grain Blog: Straight Grain
    The Sweetest Smoke Blog: The Sweetest Smoke
    Tobacco Barn Blog: Tobacco Barn Blog
    Tobacco Blending: Pipe Tobacco Blending Made Easy - Free Resource Guide
    Tobacco Cellar: Online Tobacco Cellar
    Tobacco Pipe Smoking Tips: Tobacco pipe smoking tips
    Tobacco Reviews: TobaccoReviews.com: Index
    Walker Briar Works: Walker Briar Works - Repairing Fine Pipes Since 1968
    Weber’s Guide: The Weber's Guide To Pipe Smoking
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    Re: Pipe Websites


    4057patrick: eBay My World - 4057patrick
    4noggins: eBay My World - 4noggins
    ashton-dunhill-collector: eBay My World - ashton-dunhill-collector
    auctionbazaar26: eBay My World - auctionbazaar26
    best_pipe_dream_new: eBay My World - best_pipe_dream_new
    bima1960: eBay My World - bima1960
    briarblues: eBay My World - briarblues
    cigarettes_1977: eBay My World - cigarettes_1977
    cologne-pipes: eBay My World - cologne-pipes
    coopersark: eBay My World - coopersark
    cub3636: eBay My World - cub3636
    deadroot: eBay My World - deadroot
    denmother: eBay My World - denmother
    dickatcct: eBay My World - dickatcct
    esterval: eBay My World - esterval
    estore4: eBay My World - estore4
    futurepipes: eBay My World - futurepipes
    goodandcheappipes: eBay My World - goodandcheappipes
    graceanddarius: eBay My World - graceanddarius
    great-estate-pipes: eBay My World - great-estate-pipes
    hermitfarm: eBay My World - hermitfarm
    hexelon: eBay My World - hexelon
    jamesupshallpipeco: eBay My World - jamesupshallpipeco
    jbennin314: eBay My World - jbennin314
    jihren: eBay My World - jihren
    johnloring: eBay My World - johnloring
    jp3hh: eBay My World - jp3hh
    kelkaycee: eBay My World - kelkaycee
    knobby1041: eBay My World - knobby1041
    lwss: eBay My World - lwss
    macorinadejalatlaco:: eBay My World - pipesandarts
    medjweb: eBay My World - medjweb
    makewine8qlg: eBay My World - makewine8qlg
    mkelaw: eBay My World - mkelaw
    mr.can.: eBay My World - mr.can.
    mrpipesmkr: eBay My World - mrpipesmkr
    nbc111: eBay My World - nbc111
    passion4pipes: eBay My World - passion4pipes
    pastime-hobbies: eBay My World - pastime-hobbies
    pdgebb: eBay My World - pdgebb
    pipelovers: eBay My World - pipelovers
    pipesbywhitney: eBay My World - pipesbywhitney
    pipesmd: eBay My World - pipesmd1628
    rarepipes: eBay My World - rarepipes
    ringgrain: eBay My World - ringgrain
    shakey539dpw: eBay My World - shakey539dpw
    stevenpen_pipes: eBay My World - stevenpen_pipes
    stogieiv: eBay My World - stogieiv
    szaring: eBay My World - szaring
    thesecondhandsmoker: eBay My World - thesecondhandsmoker
    venezia53: eBay My World - venezia53
    vieste: eBay My World - vieste
    vinpipe: eBay My World - vinpipe
    yenidje: eBay My World - yenidje

    "That's all folks"

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    aka Silky uncballzer's Avatar


    Re: Pipe Websites

    Thanks to Jeff and Dave for this!

    Noobs, go here: cigarbid.com

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Pipe Makers' Forum - the only forum site for pipe makers on the web


    some other nice resources smoking metal is for pipes such as kirsten and falcon

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    That.... is awesome . Kudos to you guys

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Just Started a Pipe forum,

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Quote Originally Posted by peps1 View Post
    Just Started a Pipe forum,

    Wow...that easy...cool, looks great...will sign up later...dub

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Quote Originally Posted by DubintheDam View Post
    Wow...that easy...cool, looks great...will sign up later...dub
    Please do DubintheDam, a forum is nothing with member's!

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Affordable Estate Pipes

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Awesome resource and helpful service to the piper's community. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

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    Re: Pipe Websites


    One of the only American retailers selling pipes from the German company Vauen. Great, knowledgeable staff for pipes and cigars (I shop there locally as well) as well as a great selection. Even if a pipe is not listed the owner is often able to acquire it for you. I believe they only deal with new, unsmoked pipes. No estates. In my opinion, worth looking at. Sorry for the lack of link. I'm still working on building up my post count and I refuse to make senseless posts so it's taking a while. Happy smoking all!

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    Mmm...can someone reccomend which of these many websites has the best prices on tobacco in general?

    Coming from the cigar community, where is the pipe equivalent of cigar.com, cigarsintentional, famoussmoke, ect? All the pipe sites I've tried so far seem poorly designed and with limited selection by comparison.

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    for me, smokingpipes.com has been the best in terms of prices on tobacco and always has stellar customer service. some people love 4noggins.com (especially those that live in Canada), others like pipesandcigars.com (they have some stuff in stock others do not - probably due to their customer service issues people have reported on here)...
    "To be second guessed, you have to be the first guesser."

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    Re: Pipe Websites

    I have been dealing with CupoJoes for 6 years, and have had great service.

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