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I should of read this thread in more detail than I did. Nope, it has been marked! Even the stem smells strong, even after I cleaned it really good with everclear. My most expensive pipe has been marked. ARG!
Thus far I've not had too much of an issue with ghosting.....with time. Of course I keep my glorious Ennerdale in the pipe marked for its worship, but for some reason I don't get that much staying power with 1792. If I have a bowl or two of 1792 in a pipe, I give it a good cleaning and then smoke neutral (typically burley) blends for a while.

On the bright side, it eventually abates. On the other bright side (my glass if half full, and the other half is full of life-giving air!), I get a nice 1792 essence added to the smoke for a few bowls.