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Cracked Cob

This is a discussion on Cracked Cob within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I noticed a crack starting on the outside bottom of my Great Dane Spool. Actually it was below the level ...

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    Cracked Cob

    I noticed a crack starting on the outside bottom of my Great Dane Spool. Actually it was below the level of the chamber, and was cracked to the hardwood plug. Since I couldn't rule out operator error, the thought of returning it to the eTailer did not enter my mind.

    So I thought I would try to repair. I got some Super Glue and applied several coats to fill the crack. I smoked it for the rest of the day, 3-4 bowls. It seems fine now. Has anyone else tried something like this?

    If it doesn't work, whatever. I just got 3 Eggs and a Patriot in the mail today. Now, I am waiting on a Forever Stem.

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    Re: Cracked Cob

    One of the good things about cobs are that you can just toss them if they break. I never thought about superglue, but I have messed with elmers glue as well as putty. MM just uses plaster of paris to seal cracks in their pipes.

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    Re: Cracked Cob

    just buy a new cob, they are cheap. I have a CG cob that I've been smoking out for over a year, nice cake build up. And other then the stem being chewed to death, I wouldn't cry if I get a burn out, or it cracks

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes dgerwin11's Avatar


    Re: Cracked Cob

    I disagree. I think we have "bought" the idea they are disposable because of the low price. Look thru these forums, and you will see time and again people stating some of their best smoking pipes are cobs. I know that in my case, I would be hard pressed to decide which gave me a better smoke, a cob or one of my decent briars.

    This is why I favor treating a cob like I do my briars. Break in slowly, cake, and proper cleaning. I usually alternate 2 pipes thru the day to allow some "breathing" time and then rotate to the next pair the next day so they can rest for a few days.

    So, even if my wallet doesn't cry when I have to retire a cob, I know I have lost a pipe that has brought me much pleasure.

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    Intolerable Curmudgeon GuitarDan's Avatar


    Re: Cracked Cob

    My cobs all "crack". Basically, the plaster of Paris and corn don't handle expansion/shrinkage in harmony. I've never had one that went through the wall and to the bowl.

    Keep in mind that superglue is a close cousin to celluloid nitrate, and will burn quite excellently if not spectacularly! A better choice would be plaster of paris....IMHO

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    Re: Cracked Cob

    I had one crack a few weeks back, but it's because I dropped it in the driveway. Never had one crack from use, at least not yet. But then, I'm a cob newbie. Didn't know they were even smokable until about last xmas. Live and learn, eh?
    Vegetarian -- that's an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter". -- Andy Rooney

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Cracked Cob

    If/when mine crack ill probably try the "wood glue plus sawdust" method that we did in wood shop.

    While they are cheap, I dont really consider my cobs to be so disposable. Now sure, if I need a knockaround pipe ill take one over a briar because if it gets scratched or (God forbid) lost I wont be out all the money but they are still my favorite and id be upset.

    There is a reason that I chose to have my most-smoked cob buried with my Grandad- God Rest Him- instead of a briar.

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