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Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed)

This is a discussion on Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed) within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Wow, Charlie, I need to have more friends like you ! Mario Grandi, Rinaldo, Il Ceppo come to mind. All ...

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    Re: Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed)

    Wow, Charlie, I need to have more friends like you !

    Mario Grandi, Rinaldo, Il Ceppo come to mind. All in your price range.

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    Re: Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed)

    Boswellpipes.com Father and Son creating hand made pipes. Good price range and imo very good looking pipes.
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    Re: Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed)

    Among those listed above, here's a good place to buy, Quality Briar.

    The video clip of each pipe is helpful, & high quality selection is top notch. Regarding places to buy, the best shops have a 'un-smoked/un-damaged' no-restock fee, return policy. That gives you the option, just in-case the pipe doesn't feel right.

    Do you know what types of blends he prefers or style pipes he prefers? Reason I ask, VA flakes (IMHO) smoke best in a 3/4" (.750") bore/chamber ID where as Burley or Latakia blends taste better in 13/16" to 7/8". If he's a clencher (has pipe in mouth more than 'hold & set down', weight (50g or less), stem comfort, & balance are things to consider. I tend to be 'shape driven' vs particular artisan and select because the shape/stem/finish appeals to me. Classic shapes & modern interpretations thereof are usually safe picks.

    I prefer a 'nude chamber' (bare, unstained, non-coated wood). It takes 6-12 bowls to break in, but I like the taste imparted by the brier.

    Not meant as an endorsements:

    Bang for the buck, it's tough to beat Mark Tinsky (http://ssl.cybersun.com/4Dscripts/we...~101606832~103). Though not listed on Quality's site, he's one to consider as well. Solid engineering & unique finishes, GREAT at re-creating pipes that are no longer available or custom shapes. Another not listed on the site is Pohlmann Pipes. Brad's engineering excellence & attention to detail is renowned (former tool & die maker).

    Of all the higher quality briers I own (6 makers), I tend to prefer my Rad Davis pipes because of his shapes & sizes. Hope this helps you & welcome to Piping!
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    Re: Premium Handmade Pipes (Info Needed)

    Some additional briar artisans not yet mentioned ...

    Trever Talbert

    Brian Ruthenberg

    At your price point, you might also consider checking out some of the new and estate pipes offered on Ebay by seller = coopersark. He is one of THE best pipe sellers there. He sells only high quality pipes - even the estates look brand new! - and guarantees your satisfaction.

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