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McClelland thoughts.....

This is a discussion on McClelland thoughts..... within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Originally Posted by Jeff10236 While you are sampling McClelland, be sure to try the Grand Orientals series Can't believe I ...

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Katharsis's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff10236 View Post
    While you are sampling McClelland, be sure to try the Grand Orientals series
    Can't believe I didn't mention that. Yes, definitely.

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    Don't Thread On Me asmartbull's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Thanks for the input...time to add to my wish list...
    An "oath" has no expiration date......

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    Sot-weed Bohemian freestoke's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Quote Originally Posted by asmartbull View Post
    Thanks for the input...time to add to my wish list...
    My god, Bull. You've been piping, what, 2 weeks? It's like that 15 year old in your differential equations class who gets ALL the answers right!
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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Zeabed's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    My current McClelland faves are PCCA Beacon, Grand Orientals Katerini Classic and FMOTB.
    I sure like those French fried taters. Mmm jhmm.

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes WWhermit's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    McClelland's VA blends are always a hit or miss with people. For me, I love them.

    Every year I get at least 2 tins of their Christmas Cheer blends. I have one that next year, and the others, well maybe at year 5 or 10. They tend to age extremely well.

    Their Deep Hollow, Grey Havens, and Virginia Woods blends are all great, and I will be stocking up more on those as the years go on. Their VA bulks are really good too. The classic, the 5100 Red Cake, is often used as a sweet base for homemade blends, but is just as excellent on it's own. This is another one I'll be putting pounds of away.

    An interesting note on 5100. This is one of those blends that really changes over time. A fun thing to do is compare a bowl of "new" 5100 back to back to one that has been aged a year. You can really see the value of aging from this.

    Just about every order of TAD I make, I buy at least 2 samples of their VA bulks. The more I find, the more I appreciate their blends.

    Yep, I like em! A lot. Which reminds me, I think it's about time to make another order here since Christmas Cheer 2011 is out!

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    Maturing Puffer Fish mirain's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Jumping on the bandwagon here I'd say:

    Frog Morton
    Oriental Mixture 2045
    Drama Reserve
    Dark Star
    Syrian Full Balkan
    Bombay Extra Reserve
    3 Oaks (Yellow & White)
    Blackwoods Flake
    Mixture #14

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    Alpha Puffer Fish laloin's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    the only problem I have with buying McClelland bulk blends, is that they are quite expensive, last time I check I believe a pound of 5100 was selling for $40 I think

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes El Gringo's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    I gotta go with Beacon as one of my favorites.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    McClelland is a great company -- I've only had a couple of blends that I thought were poorly executed. I might not have liked everything well enough to cellar, but it was rarely because I thought the quality wan't there -- it's just that everyone's tastes are different. They do virginias like no one else, and I like that they have something for pretty much every taste.

    My favorite McClellands latakia mixtures are the new Wilderness and Legends blends from Fred Hannah. These are fantastic mixtures.

    My favorite of their Virginias (and my favorite VA from any blender) is Blackwoods Flake. This is rich, meaty, incomparable stuff. I like the flavor so much that I'll sometime pack a pipe and walk around the house, drawing on it while unlit just to extend the experience. Believe it or not, I can actually taste it while doing that! The Christmas Cheer series, while inconsistent, is often a revelation as well.

    When it comes to aromatics, I can't praise Capt. Cool enough. I think this is the best traditional American aromatic on the market, with the possible exception of Autumn Evening. The flavor is superb, and it actually seems to soothe my tongue instead of toasting it.

    The entire Frog Morton series in excellent, although they are WAY too mild for me to enjoy. I do recognize the quality, however, and they are possibly the best introduction to latakia blends that you can recommend to a new smoker.

    I've only two complaints about McClelland. One is that most of their blends are relatively mild (of course, I consider Old Joe Krantz and Bosun Cut Plug to be "all day" smokes, so I may just be a bit demanding when it comes to strength). The other is that I really don't like how they use perique.

    Nice thread, BTW -- I'm curious as to what everyone else likes.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Katharsis's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Follow-up: I tried the Grey Havens I referred to ordering. It is great stuff. Very light on the Perique, which I like, and the Burley and VA are just great. I'd describe it as a light, creamy VaPer. This is now a go-to for me.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    I am not a massive McClellands guy but there is no doubting there superb quality. I love the Froggies and all of there Virginias are fantastic as well as the whole grand orientals Line up. I guess looking back at this I must be a McC's kinda guy.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    I have only had the froggies and a few of the christmas cheer offerings. I may have to try some of their other blends. Blackwoods Flake sounds to be right down my ally.
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    Deviant Gentleman The Mad Professor's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff10236 View Post
    While I've just barely scratched the surface of what McClelland has to offer, I haven't had anything of theirs I haven't loved...

    ...If you like aromatics, I am a fan of the Town Topic from the Premium Aromatics series, and after that one, I am really looking forward to trying some more McClelland aros.
    I'm in agreement with Jeff here. I like aro's in general already, but McClelland's Premium Aromatics are great, and Town Topic is the best IMO! My local B&M must keep around two dozen McClelland blends on hand and most have an open tin to sample. Some are my flavor, some are not, but they have what seems like a million quality blends with something for everyone.

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    Leading Puffer Fish


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    I havent had many of their blends, but I have been impressed with the ones I have had (Forg Morton and a few aromatics). I just haven't gotten around to trying others... too much other stuff above them on "the list".

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    Full grown Puffer Fish gentimmy's Avatar


    Re: McClelland thoughts.....

    Haven't had the chance to try anything from mclelland yet but I just ordered two tins of Christmas cheer...one to age and one to start smoking when christmas decorations go up (day after thanksgiving haha)

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