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Types of pipe tobacco?

This is a discussion on Types of pipe tobacco? within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Could someone please provide me a list of the types of pipe tobacco and the general characteristics for that type? ...

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    Young Fish


    Types of pipe tobacco?

    Could someone please provide me a list of the types of pipe tobacco and the general characteristics for that type? I hear terms like aromatic, Virginia, latike and have no idea what these mean. Because I live so remote there is no B&M to go talk to. I did a search but could not find anything.

    Thanks in advance Rob

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    Re: Types of pipe tobacco?

    Alright, this is based on my limited knowledge, but here goes:

    English blends
    - this term is typically used for blends that have latakia in them, which is a leaf that gives the blend a smokey/campfirey blend. Depending on the amount of latakia it can be really strong and smoking (Dunhill 965, Pirate Kake) or more creamy and sweet (like Nightcap - sometimes - MacBaren Latakia Blend and Squadron Leader). A good starter English blend would be, in my opinion, Frog Morton, Frog Morton Across the Pond, or P.S. Oriental Supreme.

    Virginias - Virgnia blends are very sweet normally. Not, sugary candy chocolate sweet, normally more hay-fig-earthy sweet. I personally avoided Virginia blends when I started, as they tend to burn hot if you puff too fast, which will result in tongue bite. Many of the "best" blends are Virginia Flakes, like Full Virginia Flake. I cannot recommend many good starter Virginia personally, as I don't smoke a lot of straight VAs.

    VaPers: VaPer tobacco has a base of Virginias (Va) with some extra Perique (Per). To make it simple, virginia is sweet, perique is spicy. VaPers are an interesting blend, and can be very rewarding. Honestly, I would probably recommended getting into VaPers before straight VAs as I've found they bite a lot less. The most famous VaPer I can think of is probably Escudo, and a good cheap one to get your started would be PS Luxury Bullseye Flake.

    Aromatics: Aromatics, to sum them up in one giant category, are tobaccos that have stuff added to them to make them taste different. Not a very technically description, but the more technicalities I put in, the more exceptions to the definition will come up. Most people avoid aromatics as they have a reputation as being "lower" tobaccos, and many are made poorly - goopy, wet, and taste like burning perfume. However, there are some very well made aromatic tobaccos which can be great. I enjoy MacBaren's Honey and Chocolate and their Plumcake (though I don't know if I would consider that an aromatic). Aro's are normally smoked in cobs of meers, because they ghost the pipe they are smoked in quickly - leave behind their taste in the briar.

    A lot of pipe smokers, myself included, genre dedicate - ie smoke only certain types of blends in certain pipes. I have a VaPer pipe, a straight VA pipe, a VA Flake pipe, a large English pipe, a small English pipe, a cob (aros) and a meer for when I feel the mood for meerschaum, haha. Getting a cob or two is probably the best way to start smoking, as you can try many things and not have to worry about your pipe "ghosting".
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    Re: Types of pipe tobacco?

    I like Russ Ouellette's bit here:

    Ouellette's Tobacco Types/Descriptions

    And the tobacconist university's page here:

    Tobacconist University : Tobacco College : Pipe Tobacco

    These cover all but aros and were where I started. Hope this helps!
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