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Bent or stright?

This is a discussion on Bent or stright? within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I voted bent. I prefer the look and smoke them more....

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    Maturing Puffer Fish pipe30's Avatar


    Re: Bent or stright?

    I voted bent. I prefer the look and smoke them more.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader MarkC's Avatar


    Re: Bent or stright?

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgreggor57 View Post
    I anticipate a lot of folks will say both have their place and I didn't want a thread full of posts saying I should've given that option I also realized I cant spell Looking forward to reading thoughts all the way around.
    No way; if you hadn't given that option (which I chose), I would have just moved on to another thread.

    About three quarters of my pipes fall into the 'bent' category, but there's a big difference between my no-name prince, with the barest flick of a bend in the last half inch of the stem to my Cavicchi full bent brandy (yeah, the one with the currently broken stem, if you remember the picture). I really have a tough time thinking of those as being the same single category. If I look at my pipes on the rack(s), I seem to have a preference for straight billiards, bent bulldogs, and various stabs at the dublin shape. But even the pipes in the 'various stabs at the dublin shape' don't seem to all belong in on category. So either I just don't see the split between "straight" and "bent" to be a valid split point, or I really don't care either way...

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    Maturing Puffer Fish nimaimeshinchan's Avatar


    Re: Bent or stright?

    Both,but I l may like straight little better

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    Young Fish


    Re: Bent or stright?

    I have 22 pipes close at hand for my daily rotation. Ten are bent to some degree, rest are straight.

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    Snuff-hound steinr1's Avatar


    Re: Bent or stright?

    I'd guess that just over half the pipes in my collection are straight. The majority of my earlier pipes are bent - almost all of the 19th Century ones.

    But as to preference - straight. Entirely on "style". Bent pipes have better balance and are easier to use "hands-free".
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    Maturing Puffer Fish trenschler's Avatar


    Re: Bent or stright?

    Both. I like my bents when I'm driving or otherwise need to be able to use both hands. I love my big honkin' straights when I'm sitting enjoying the perfect bowl.

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