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Who's Meer guru?

This is a discussion on Who's Meer guru? within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I have a question for our local Meer guru. Does a meer that's been carved or rusticated color any different ...

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    Who's Meer guru?

    I have a question for our local Meer guru. Does a meer that's been carved or rusticated color any different than a smooth one? I just ask because i could have sworn that I read somewhere that that was the case.
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    Re: Who's Meer guru?

    I don't know if I am a guru but I am running a coloring experiment between a smooth and rusticated aka lattice meer on this thread The Great Meer Detective
    First of all every meer colors differently whether you are comparing smooth to smooth because each block is varied in density and porosity. Because each piece of meer is different in these two aspect aka no two pipes will absorb at the exact same rate therefore the tars which is what colors the meer are absorbed t different rates. Also the type of tobacco that is smoked out of said meer affects the coloring as well. Oily tobaccos and things like cavendish and Latakia will color a pipe faster than say a straight unpressed burley aka not cavendish. From what I have read and experienced rusticated will color very differently but why meer color the way they do is often unpredictable and highly debatable.. Read the thread let me know what you think of the experiment. Hope this helps. Here's another thread on some of the debates our locals have had on the subject of coloring and some interesting things were said here. DIY Meerschaum Coloring Bowls
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    Re: Who's Meer guru?

    I'm not sure what you mean by different. Perhaps this? My 2011 Puff Altinok meer is the 'lattice' design, actually holes placed appropriately around the bowl. The interior of the bowls are a rich orange brown, whereas the surface is a light mellow golden yellow (and not nearly as well colored!), so in that sense it's different in that the different surfaces seem to color at a different speed.


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