I think the appearance of LTF won me over. Gorgeous looking flakes, imo. I was really fond of the way Navy Flake smoked, but it didn't have sufficient nicotine (not that LTF does either). As for Bullseye -- well, it has Cavendish in it. What is it about Cavendish that I don't like? Seems that practically everything with Cavendish in it tastes lousy to me, unless it's totally overwhelmed by Latakia and burley.

When I used to smoke the PS flakes, I had not yet advanced to tobacco alchemy, wherein using the Philosopher's Stones of Kendal's Kentucky, Five Brothers, and various ropes and twists, I could turn practically anything into smoker's gold. I have some LTF that's a couple of years old now. I should break it out and introduce it to Happy Bogie.