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My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

This is a discussion on My New Altinok "Claw" Meer within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; write the vendor, if that does not work dispute with your CC company and be done with it. Yes it ...

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    Scotch & Cigars


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    write the vendor, if that does not work dispute with your CC company and be done with it.

    Yes it sucks, now get it fixed.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    Without getting into any name calling, I really do think that the first step when you have an unsatisfactory online business transaction is to contact the vendor, privately. I bought a pipe from Altinok, and it was a great pipe, and he was a pleasure to do business with. I don't think you can just say, He's Turkish and lives overseas, so I can't be bothered, I'll just express my dissatisfaction on a public forum. Write to him! Actually, I don't think the pipe that you got was so bad, but it's not the same as the one in the picture. When I was shopping with Altinok, I was also initially interested in the claw -- I wrote to ask him about it, he said he didn't have one in stock, but could source one. It's not really realistic to expect that it will be exactly the same.

    Write to him. You could even come back and tell us what he says.
    If I could write poetry, I'd be a poet. I can't, so I smoke a pipe instead ....

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    Leading Puffer Fish Chris0673's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    I second the motion! I bought a pipe off fleabay (from a guy in Scotland) and it arrived broken. I sent pics of the pipe and an email to the seller and he not only refunded my money but sent me a beautiful pipe to replace the one that got broken! It never hurts to contact the seller/vendor.

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    Leading Puffer Fish Jeff10236's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    I would agree that you should email or call. Maybe others have posted bad customer service experiences on other websites. There will also be others who are pretty happy. You lose nothing by emailing with the photos you included here and see what happens. Keep it professional and ask for what you want (the pipe you ordered, full refund/return, keep the pipe you have but with a discount since it isn't what you ordered). Be prepared for a "no" if you are asking for something at odds with the returns/refunds policy on their website (i.e. if they say "no refunds" don't be upset if they offer a store credit instead). But, before writing them off as hopeless, give them a chance to make it right. Hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Leading Puffer Fish Chris0673's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    BTW...my first gut reaction was to tell the seller to go pound sand and give him a bad review. However, cooler heads (namely my wife) prevailed and a simple email turned an rotten experience into a very pleasing experience. I will probably do business with this guy again as his customer service is awesome!

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    Good to Go..... Madcaddyman's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    Return it! It's not what you ordered, clam fraud with your credit provider & that's it!

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    Young Puffer Fish Sinan Altinok's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer


    I'm sorry you were sent the smooth egg claw. I didn't know that. Please return the 'unsmoked' pipe at your earliest convenience. I would be very pleased to make the exact pipe on the picture. I just saw your post today by chance here. The return shipping cost will be paid back to you, of course.


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    Alpha Puffer Fish drastic_quench's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    No excuses now, cjgoh.
    Any man who checks his watch while smoking his pipe is doing it wrong.

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    First mohawk, last mohawk Magnificent_Bastard's Avatar


    Re: My New Altinok "Claw" Meer

    There you go. Nothing like a direct response promising correction from the man himself!

    Hope all's well that ends well.

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