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My first pipe experience....

This is a discussion on My first pipe experience.... within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I finally received my start kit I ordered off of the internet and I bought a bag of Captain Black ...

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    Newbie in the ocean


    My first pipe experience....

    I finally received my start kit I ordered off of the internet and I bought a bag of Captain Black Gold (this is what my brother-in-law often smokes) and I gotta say it was a nice smoke, though I would say its on the mild side. My starter kit also included a bag of Borkum Riff Original, Davidoff Green Mix, and Sutliff Molto Dolce (unfortunately I can't smoke this one, it contains honey and I'm allergic to honey). From what I have read the tobacco I have all seem to be a bit on the mild side and I wanted to add another tin of something that is still sweet but has a bit more of a kick.

    I have been smoking cigars for many years now and I do understand that piping is a whole different beast. I like how naturally sweet pipe tobacco can taste, I'm just looking for something that as a little more oomph to it, maybe a bit more of a flavor kick.

    My grandfather smoked a pipe and if my memory doesn't fail me what he smoked seemed to smell sweet but a bit stronger than what I tried today. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    My cat's Chief of Staff El wedo del milagro's Avatar


    Re: My first pipe experience....

    Sweet, but strong(ish)... that's sortta tough.

    Strong and citrusy would be royal yacht or bayou morning.

    Just plain strong would be tambo. Strong and tonquin would be 1792 flake.

    Bob's Chocolate Flake is fairly strong. It has good chocolate flavor, but I'm not sure how sweet it is.

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    Young Fish Brewcityjedi's Avatar


    Re: My first pipe experience....

    The strongest and best tasting that I've had are 1792, FVF, and (not quite as strong but still tasty) Irish Oak. Hope this helps you brother.

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    Awaiting Confirmation karatekyle's Avatar


    Re: My first pipe experience....

    1792 would be a really good direction to move in. Tonquin is similar to vanilla in taste and smell. It's a strong but sweet flake, like good coffee with a touch of sugar. A little tough to smoke at times but always worth the effort.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: My first pipe experience....

    Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! I will have to give some of those tobaccos a try when I hit the online retailers this week.


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