I came across 3 WDC pipes. I know that a few years ago the Chicago Pipe Show had a speaker on them. I guess I am wondering if they are worth selling, keeping, any way to date, etc. One is an unsmoked Hand Made short billiard with a silver band that just says sterling silver. If this pipe is old it could be an amazing find as it appears to be well made with amazing color and shine. One is a Hand Made bent with WDC Sterling and 3 hallmarks on the band. This pipe has definately had some use but looks very smokable. The final one is a rusticated bent Milano. It is in great shape with WDC Milan Rustic Briar on the underside of the bowl. It does have a few slight tooth indents.

Any WDC Collectors?-p3280005.jpgAny WDC Collectors?-p3280039.jpgAny WDC Collectors?-p3280040.jpg