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New to the Forums/Pipes.

This is a discussion on New to the Forums/Pipes. within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Hi there everyone, I hope I'm not overstepping myself in making an introduction via a thread, but I do have ...

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    New to the Forums/Pipes.

    Hi there everyone,

    I hope I'm not overstepping myself in making an introduction via a thread, but I do have a decent topic!

    After a few months of pipe smoking, I've decided I'm dedicated to the art. I'm an english blend smoker, and have settled on McClelland's Scottish Woods as my favorite blend (despite the McClelland Vinegar). Anyways, my three pipes are all Dr. G's, and I'm looking to make a step up in quality. My Omega has seen better days, and was a hand me down. The Duke was a new purchase that I regret. I've read and wholeheartedly believe the overall quality of Dr. G's has gone down quite a bit after making the purchase of an estate Starfire. The Starfire's great; threaded tenon, unique bulldog-esque shape with wire rustication, and non-filter stem/shank (which I have learned I prefer).

    The only downside to my favorite piece is the fact that the previous owner had an obvious penchant for a strong aromatic nutmeg scented blend. I've salt and alcohol treated the hell out of it (within reason) and despite the cake I've developed, the ghost just won't be exercised. "The power of refurbishing compels you!"

    So finally I arrive at my point. I'm in need of a new pipe. One that I can "enjoy" breaking in myself, with superior smoking qualities to my Grabows. Not to imply any sort of dissatisfaction, indeed my pipes have served me well, and are very likely to stay in my rotation for a long time to come. However, I feel that my smokes would be far more enjoyable with bowls that don't burn as hot, require less relights, and provide a more even burn in general. I am not opposed to dropping $100, but feel as though I could find a good smoker without the bells in whistles in the ballpark of $50 - $80.

    In my own research, I've come across the Peterson Emerald 268 which I like very much. Unfortunately the Emeralds are discontinued, and estates aren't something I'm interested in at this point. Also, I've read things that lead me to believe Peterson's quality has lessened in recent years due to high demands and just a library's worth of different models (at least when it comes to my price range). My thoughts have also wandered to the realm of churchwardens, but seeing as I'm looking for a "go-to" here, that notion seems a tad impractical.

    Hardcastles, Bjarne Vikings, Saveneli's... there's just an overwhelming amount of choices to entertain. I'm hoping to benefit from the experiences of those who have been in my position, as I'm sure there are many here who have. Again, I hope I haven't overstepped myself in the making of this thread. I suppose I should include some details about myself. I'm a musician, a father, and a jiu-jitsu practitioner living in Northern California who loves to cook. I'm a mixed martial arts fan, and would thoroughly enjoy discussing "the sport" with anyone who has an interest (a betting man may benefit from my insights.)

    Thanks in advance for anyone's advice.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish bigdaddychester's Avatar


    Re: New to the Forums/Pipes.

    I know there are several of us here who have purchased a Savinelli Baronet. I bought the bulldog shape (510 EX) from smokingpipes.com a couple years ago for about $50 or $60 while they were on special at one point. It's slightly larger than average but I have absolutely enjoyed smoking it. Never any problems....well except for "operator error" every now and then. If you're trying to avoid estates for now and you're working within a budget, that would be my choice. Here's a Savinelli Baronet Bruyere (814 EX) Pipes at Smoking Pipes .com for less than $60.

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    Re: New to the Forums/Pipes.

    For an inexpensive pipe, I have had good luck with Eriksens. They are made by Nording in traditional shapes. Right now Pipesand cigars is out of them, but cupojoes.com has then under the Nording section.
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    Re: New to the Forums/Pipes.

    I am a fan of Gracos. They are in your price range and I find them to be a nice pipe for the money. Here is a link to one I particularly enjoy smoking.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: New to the Forums/Pipes.

    I purchased 2 Tsuge pipes from smokingpipes.com years ago and they have been great pipes, they are currently $62.50 to 67.50 right now for the Kaga line, Tsuge Kaga Smooth Bent Brandy Pipes at Smoking Pipes .com

    They also have some for $50 but the pipe I got was a Kaga Smooth Bent Brandy like the one I linked above.

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